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What Now? Being, Becoming, and Blossoming

By Vega on March 28, 2013

What Now? Being, Becoming, and Blossoming

Does a seed set a goal to become a flower? Does a raindrop set a goal to become an ocean? Does the sun set the goal to warm the earth? No. They simply become by being their true nature.

Spring is here, bringing warm rains, budding flowers, and warmer weather... perfect conditions for growth. I wonder: what part of your being are you becoming?

Often when we create goals for ourselves we look outwards to see what we want to become by comparing ourselves to others. Maybe this is the wrong direction...at least at first. The seed first grows down, into the earth, to root into its surroundings to support itself. Only with strong roots does the plant then turn its gaze upwards, out away from the soil that supports its growth.

Moving inwards first might be the direction to support our outward growth. Perhaps knowing ourselves deeply helps us share a full expression of our self. How intimately do you know your physical body? Your emotional body? Your spirit body?

Moving down into the earth of our being can be scary. After all it’s, dark down there, and we want to move towards the light, (at least that’s what we’ve been told). But maybe we have to move first into dark spaces to then grow towards the light. Here are three tools that have helped me rest and connect with my being to help me decide what I want to become.

  1. One Breath Relaxation:

    • Inhale fully while raising your shoulders.
    • Fill your belly/back/chest while you squeeze your shoulders emphasizing tension.
    • Slowly exhale completely while dropping your shoulders.
    • Take a moment to feel the difference.
  2. Write a Wonder Map:

    • Write “I love...” in the middle of a blank page. Fill the page with all the things you love. Let it flow. Nothing is too big or too small for this exercise.
    • Then flip the page and write “I am afraid of...” in the middle of the page. Fill the page with all the things you are afraid of.
    • Does the same word appear on both sides of the page? Did you write something that surprised you? What connections can you see?
  3. Journaling:

    • Write each day to have intimate awareness of the momentum you are creating.
    • A simple debrief is to ask: What went well? What didn’t go well? What am I going to do tomorrow?
    • This way when you have breakthroughs or setbacks you have information to help draw lessons from both.

The question is not “Am I creating a momentum?” but rather “What momentum am I creating? There is not one single definition of health, happiness, or meaning. The seeds of a bush, a flower, and a tree root into the earth, and when they grow towards the sun, they all express their uniqueness differently. They all grow together, creating a diverse, healthy, and strong forest.

This spring I invite you to move inwards, sinking your roots deeply into yourself. As you sink into your roots, as you dive deep into the soil of your potential, let the uniqueness of your health, happiness, and meaning be what you express to the world.

John Coleman, PhD is a human performance consultant, specializing in sport psychology. His work intention is to support people in creating a momentum of success characterized by health, happiness, and meaning.


No matter what better means to you, Vega shares the knowledge, nutrition, and inspiration to support your quest to thrive.

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