our biodiversity promise

Across the planet, nature faces many threats. The loss of biodiversity is rapidly accelerating due to land use change and deforestation. As a plant-based company we rely on nature for the ecosystem services it provides, which is why we’ve decided to be founding partners in veritree’s 10 million tree challenge. We've selected three planting sites that align with our brand values.

Our planting sites
mangrove restoration Madagascar

Mangrove Restoration, Kenya 

Mangrove trees can absorb up to four times more carbon than any other tree. They also provide critical habitat for fish and other wildlife, improving food security, water quality, and protection from major weather events.

Kelp ‘Seaforestation’ BC, Canada 

We’re regenerating bull kelp, an important habitat coordinator for belugas, orcas, and many fish species off the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada. It grows rapidly, sequestering carbon as it spreads across the sea floor.

Pollinator Agroforestry, Haiti

Haiti has one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world. Agroforestry practices are a crucial component of Haiti's efforts to address its environmental vulnerabilities and build a more sustainable and resilient agricultural landscape.

Our progress so far:

  • tree logo

    Total Trees

    Compares to planting studio apartments full of trees.

  • co2 cloud logo

    Tonnes of CO2 Sequestered

    Compares to removing cars from the road for one year.

  • earth logo with trees

    Hectares Reforested

    Provides work days to local tree planters.

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