Chatting blockchain with NBC & veritree

Chatting blockchain with NBC & veritree

How blockchain technology can track trees and help our climate. 

Proponents of blockchain — the same technology that powers cryptocurrency and NFTs — say it can also be used verify that climate promise are fulfilled as intended. For example, if we promise to plant 10,000 trees, we'd like to ensure: 

  • the trees are actually planted 
  • no one else is taking credit for them 
  • and, most importantly, that the tree has a healthy life absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere.  

That’s where veritree comes in. Their proprietary platform utilizes blockchain to log and confirm data about recently planted trees – giving those climate promises some supporting evidence. 

We chatted with NBC’s Peter Hull & veritree’s CEO Derrick Emsley about the uses of this technology and why a verified tree makes a difference.