holding ourselves to a greener standard

We’ve set lofty goals for a more sustainable future, starting with our B Corp™ certification and continuing onwards to 2030 where we aim to be plastic negative, carbon negative, and nature positive with a focus on regenerative & sustainable farming practices.

  • carbon footprint

    Climate Negative by 2030

  • waste reduction

    Plastic Negative by 2030

  • biodiversity

    Nature Positive by 2030

carbon footprint

our promise: To decarbonize our supply chain and operations as quickly as possible and compensate for our residual emissions through the purchase of high-quality carbon credits

our plan: We’ve partnered with Veritree to contribute towards their goal of planting over 100 billion verified trees.

our goal: Climate Negative by 2030

waste reduction

our promise: To become plastic negative by integrating circularity into our packaging  

our plan: Invest in innovative sustainable packaging solutions while decreasing reliance on plastics  

our goal: Plastic Negative by 2030


our promise: To set aggressive, science-based targets for soil and ecosystem protection, regenerative agriculture, and local ingredient sourcing 

our plan: Collaborate and partner with our full range of suppliers to create tangible road maps for focused improvement 

our goal: Nature Positive by 2030

our partners in sustainability