Vega gets greener!

We’ve got big goals to get greener over the next decade – and while we’re proud to be a certified B Corp, we know there’s still plenty of room to improve. We’re tackling the key material issues we’ve identified to our business, customers, and the planet: focusing on Biodiversity, Climate action & Waste.

  • climate action cloud logo

    climate action

    50% reduction in emissions by 2030
    Net zero by 2040

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  • eliminate waste sustainability logo

    eliminate waste

    Plastic Neutral certified by 2025
    Zero Waste by 2030

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  • enriching biodiversity plant a tree logo

    enriching biodiversity

    Nature Positive by 2030

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climate action

As we take on these challenges, we’ll always strive to be:  

• Transparent: No greenwashing here; we recognize that we’ve got a way to go, but we’re 100% committed to the journey.  

• Honest & specific: we don’t make vague promises or lean on flowery language; instead, we share where we’re at, what we know, and how we can improve in the future.  

• Thought leaders: we won’t shy away from challenging or complex subject matters, transforming complex topics into accessible materials for our community.  

• Thorough: in presenting our sustainability plans and materials, we’ll make sure we can always support our claims. 

We’re excited to launch our veritree planting program — our first initiative aimed at becoming nature positive by 2030. Stay tuned for more waste and climate activations soon. 

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