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Product Questions

  • Can Vega One® help me lose weight?

    We love this question because we get to talk about nutrient density (AKA the amount of nutrients compared to calories). Vega One® Organic All-in-One Shake and are nutrient dense foods, so you can use them any way that you would use a food. If you’re trying to lose weight, please consult your health care practitioner to know what’s right for you.


  • Is my product expired?

    If you’re wondering – is my product expired? Is this date March or May? We’re here to help with all you need to decode your product expiration (best by) date.

    Vega® product expiration dates are listed in the following format:
    DD/MM/YYYY (date/month/year)

    And each month is given the following 2 letter abbreviation:

    • JA: January
    • FE: February
    • MR: March
    • AL: April
    • MA: May
    • JN: June
    • JL: July
    • AU: August
    • SE: September
    • OC: October
    • NO: November
    • DE: December

    For example, your box of Vega® Protein Snack Bars has a BB (best by) date of 03/NO/2019 that means you can enjoy these bars up to their expiry of Nov 3 2019

  • How much caffeine in Vega products?

    Vega’s plant-based protein powders Chocolate and Mocha flavors all have less than 25mg of caffeine from cocoa powder. For . Vega Sport® Premium Energizer, and Vega Sport® Sugar-Free Energizer all have 100mg of caffeine, from coffee fruit extract and green tea, per serving.
  • Can Vega One be used as a meal replacement?

    Vega One® Organic is a food—so you can enjoy it anytime you would eat other foods you love—meals, snacks or anywhere in between. Check the Nutrition Facts Panel to ensure that it has the amounts of macro and micronutrients that you are looking for.
  • Can I use expired product?

    We have a robust Quality Assurance program that methodically tests our products up to the expiry date. We do not recommend using expired products.
    • Can I use Vega® with a nut allergy?

      Vega® plant-based protein powders do not use nuts as ingredients, however they are not produced in a certified nut-free facility. For that reason we cannot make the claim that our nutritional shakes are nut free. Speak to your health care practitioner if you have a nut (or other) allergy before using Vega products. If you’re concerned about an allergen that isn’t listed on the ingredient list, check out this to learn more.
    • Why do the instructions say mix with a non-dairy beverage? Can I mix it with milk?

      Being a plant-based company, we recommend non-dairy beverages such as almond, hemp, coconut, or rice milk (to name a few) with all of our products, but by no means is this the end all, be all. If you like dairy, go for it!
    • What happens if I blend my silica pack?

      If you are concerned about a blended silica pack, please call your doctor. While we're sure this made your smoothie extra thick, there’s nothing to be concerned about. The silica-based desiccant packet in Vega® products is non-toxic. While not recommended to eat, no adverse reactions are expected if the desiccant is accidentally swallowed. Silica is a naturally-occurring mineral that is processed into a silica packet. Since it is a moisture-absorbing substance, if you drank most of your smoothie before you discovered you blended the silica pack into it, drink an additional amount of water throughout the day to help you stay hydrated.
    • Can I take Vega® products if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

      We always recommend you check with your healthcare practitioner on whether or not you personally should use Vega® products while pregnant or breastfeeding. To learn more about why, check out this blog post.
    • Are Vega® products organic?

      This is a great question! When you check out the ingredient panel of our labels, you’ll see “organic” in front of the specific ingredients that are certified organic.
      Organic Vega products include:


    Online Store - Ordering

    • How do you ensure my credit card information is safe?

      Keeping your information safe is our top priority. MyVega.com is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This 6-letter acronym is a set of standards and guidelines to keep your information safe and reduce credit card fraud.  There are 12 requirements for compliance, that ensure we’re using secure servers, protect your data, regularly monitor networks, and undergo annual on-site assessments. We maintain compliance with PCI DSS to ensure MyVega.com is a secure, safe place to shop.  If you’d like to learn more about PCI DSS, start here.
    • What do you do with my email/name/password when I create an account?

      Keeping your personal information private is very important to us. When you create an account on MyVega.com or sign up to our email newsletter, we do ask you for your first and last name, your e-mail address, a password. We store this information on a secure server and it is used to shorten your login process. The only time a third-party would ever see this information is when they are performing functions on our behalf, like our website host, email platform, and credit card payment processing. You can read Vega’s full privacy policy here.
    • Can I use more than one promo code?

      The code you were provided is good for one-time use only and is not able to be used in conjunction with any other offers.
      • Why can’t I checkout?

        What’s the catch? It’s actually the cache! The cache is your browser’s history stored by the Internet. This is stored to help your web experience run smooth(ie). So, if you’ve visited a site more than once your computer can save time by not having to download the same files twice. How does this affect my visit on myvega.com? Sometimes the cache can interfere with your checkout process by collecting old information. If that’s the case, then a little refresher needs to take place. Think of it like a spring cleaning for your data. Please check with your browser for instructions on clearing your cache or contact us. We'd be happy to walk you through the steps to checkout success!
      • Do you offer a free sample with purchase?

        Yes, each order is eligible for a free sample with purchase. The free sample option will show up in your cart and has to be manually added. We know that our fans love variety, so the sample options will rotate!
      • What type of payment do you accept?

        We accept the following methods of payment: Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. We do not accept Paypal or Visa Debit Cards at this time. Orders are subject to review. Your purchase from Vega will show on your Credit Card statement as Sequel Naturals Inc.
      • I missed last sale by a day, is it still possible to use the Promo Code?

        Vega online promotions are made available during specific dates communicated through our email newsletter, social media, and notifications right here on MyVega.com. After the promotion end date the Promo code expires and cannot be used. Get notifications on specials available through the Vega Store by subscribing to Vega at the bottom of this page!

      • Can I change or cancel my order?

        Orders are processed and shipped as soon as possible so please contact us immediately after placing your order if you have changed your mind. While we cannot change orders once they are placed, if we can catch your order before it goes to our warehouse we may be able to cancel it.
        • How do I use my promo code?

          You can apply your promo code in your shopping cart where the box asks for your ‘Discount Code’. Enter it in the box and click apply.

        Online Store - Shipping

        • Does Vega ship Internationally?

          At this time we ship to the USA and Canada only. We don't offer international shipping.
      • What happens if a product is out of stock?

        If a product is currently out of stock you will not be able to place it in your cart. If a product becomes out of stock after you place your order, you will not be charged for the product, and it will not ship to you once it is back in stock. If you want to find out if an item is back in stock, email us at askvega@myvega.com

      • How do I get free shipping?

        We offer free shipping on all orders over $75 (after all discounts and promotions are applied).
      • What courier do you use?

        We ship via FedEX.

      • How can I track my order?

        Once your order is shipped from our warehouse, we will email you with a shipping confirmation and tracking number link which you can follow. Alternatively, you can track your shipment from your account, just login to view.
      • Do you ship to PO boxes or military addresses?

        At this time we are unable to ship any PO boxes or APO/FPO/DPO addresses.
      • Online Store - Returns

        • My item arrived damaged, what do I do?

          Please fill out the contact form or email askvega@myvega.com with your name, phone number and order confirmation number and we’d be happy to see how we can best assist.

        Product Questions

        • Can I give Vega® plant-based protein shakes to my children?

          We recommend speaking to your pediatrician first to determine if a particular Vega product is right for your child. To learn more about why, check out this article.
        • I lost my scoop. How much should I eat?

          Between 3-4 Tbsp. For the exact amount, check out this full list of serving sizes by Tablespoon.
        • Do you have any stevia-free products?

          We choose stevia because we think it’s the best available no calorie sweetener. But we know it’s not for everyone so based on feedback from Vega fans like you we’re happy to announce that we now offer Plain Unsweetened Vega One® Organic, Vega® Protein & Greens and Vega® Protein Smoothie, which are all stevia-free. For a full list of stevia-free Vega products, click here.