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Top 6 Picnic Ideas

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Top 6 Picnic Ideas

Next time you head out for a picnic, grab your favorite blanket, your summertime playlist, some friends and mix things up with these five simple picnic ideas that are sure to keep everyone excited about outdoor dining, all summer long.

1. Protein Bars

Nuts and dried fruit (I love walnuts, almonds, goji berries and mulberries) with their blend of protein, fiber and healthy fats are snack trifecta but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with trail mix. If you want to mix things up with a different kind of picnic snacks (or even dessert) try these energy bites. No time to make to these energy bites? No problem. Throw a Vega® Protein Snack Bar into your picnic basket.

2. Salad Rolls

Sandwiches are a picnic fave because they’re so easy to assemble and can be made to suit every person at the party (yes I consider every picnic a party). Sandwiches can be a bit heavy in the warmer months so I opt for fresh salad rolls, like these summer peanut rolls instead. They’re easy to assemble and can be made to suit just like the classic sandwich. When a sandwich or a roll seems like a bit too much, take advantage of summertime tomatoes with fresh tomato bruschetta.

3. Fruit

Strawberries, grapes, watermelon and other seasonal fruit are great for the picnic table. Mix up your traditional fruit skewer or fruit plate and stay hydrated by adding frozen grapes to your melons and berries. I love hydrating, frozen grapes as a picnic dessert and use them for fruit ice cubes in summer drinks and nothing says summer refreshment like a piece of fresh, juicy watermelon. Change up your watermelon game with a watermelon avocado salad.

4. Sliced Vegetables

Fresh summer salads and produce can’t be beat. Trade in your go-to sliced, picnic veggies like carrots and celery for portable Mason jar salads to take advantage of a variety of nutritious and seasonal veggies. If you love your sliced picnic veggies try them with a new hummus recipe or go outside the box (or basket in this case) and dip them in this vegan potato salad.

5. Hydrating Drink

Move over sangria here’s a new cocktail on the scene. Your cooler never looked so good with melons and cucumber in this hydrating cocktail.   If you want to work up an appetite before your next picnic then I recommend taking your workout to the playground with no equipment workouts. Looking for more recipes for when it’s too hot to cook?

6. Premade Portable Snacks

Bringing some extra portable snacks to the picnic can save you time and make sure no one leaves hungry (or gets hungry while the picnic is being set up).

Do you have a go-to picnic dish? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.