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Are you a Serial Snacker?

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Are you a Serial Snacker?

You’re busy working at your desk, and all of a sudden you feel that snack craving creep up. As it sneaks around you, breaking your concentration and shifting all your focus to food, you scrounge to find nourishment. Vending Machine? Rather not. Cupcakes leftover from your co-workers birthday bash? Oh no, not again. Break away from snack boredom — and remorse — by finding a snack you can enjoy and feel good about.

Whether your stomach starts growling at 10 AM, 3 PM or midnight, you need ammo in your arsenal to fight it off for good (or at least until your next meal). There’s nothing worse than the hunger that stalks you half-injured after a sugar-loaded treat.

Fight the Snack Beast

To totally tame a snack beast, you’ll need a balance of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. Without those, you’re toast. Common snacks that are pure carbohydrate (muffins, donuts, crackers, fruit) will spike your blood sugar and leave you feeling even hungrier in 20 minutes. Plant simple snacks (trail mix, fruit and nuts, or homemade energy bars) in your bag or desk as traps for that snack monster.

Chocolate, Without the Candy

When your sweet tooth is acting up, give it a taste it’ll love, with the nutrition you’ll feel good about. Vega One Bar is #OneChange you can do to snack smarter. Indulge strategically and relax knowing you’ve covered your nutritional bases with satisfying, chocolate-dipped goodness.

Pudding Perfection

If you’re having trouble sleeping, there’s nothing better than a cup of chocolate pudding. Satisfy your late night hunger with a Vega One French Vanilla Pudding. Make it the day before, so it’s ready if you’re still half awake, (though it’s easy to make half asleep, too).

Just try #OneChange and let us know if it makes a difference by leaving a comment below or sharing a picture on Twitter or Instagram

What type of snack is your dietary kryptonite?


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