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Thrive Forward: Thriving during transition

By Vega on April 17, 2014, categorized in In the Kitchen

Thrive Forward: Thriving during transition

We’re not nutrition robots. We love a delicious meal. Many people hesitate while they transition to a plant-based lifestyle, because they’re worried their life will only hold salads and bland entrées. Embrace great taste while transitioning with the help of Thrive Forward.

Ditch the diva

Think plant-based meals are limited to salads, beans, or a plate of supporting sides? In Thrive Kitchen, holistic nutritionist Peggy K will show you how to ditch the diva on your plate—the featured protein—and create delicious meals that won’t leave you hungry for more. Discover new recipes for stir-fries, casseroles, and stews create harmony with all the elements—protein, vegetables, grains/starches, and healthy fats—to make satisfying, tasty meals. Plus, Peggy will show you how to rediscover classic comfort foods—with clean plant-based versions of your favorites.

Play with your food

Chef Susan Feniger will teach you how to experiment with contrasts in texture, flavor and cooking style to create tastes you didn’t think were possible in plant-based cuisine. Build flavor and complexity by playing with sweet, salty, sour, and bitter elements to create while working with contrasts in texture—soft and hard, crispy and smooth, acid and creamy, raw and cooked. Get to know some of the signature flavor combinations of different world cuisines and transport simple staples like quinoa or buckwheat noodles around the globe, just by changing the seasonings.

Learn more at ThriveForward.com. If you’ve already registered, be sure to add the Thrive Kitchen chapter to your lesson plan!


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