Vega Hello Wellness - functional wellness

Say Hello to Wellness! Vega's New Functional Wellness Line

You know that feeling when you hear your favorite song, or when you stop to feel the sunshine on your face?  Meet Hello Wellness™ our new line of functional nutrition designed to celebrate the feeling of feeling good. Food plays a big role in providing nutrition you can feel good about. So, say “hello” to our three new blender-free smoothies with ingredients tailored help to support your well-being from brain health support, to increased energy, to gut health. They don’t just taste good but help you feel good too.

Simply mix your favorite Hello Wellness powder with the liquid of your choice for a silky smooth shake that’s both nutritious and delicious.


vega functional wellness energy booster support

Need a little extra help to get up and go? Hello WellnessTM SPRING IN YOUR STEP™ will kick up your energy and focus with 100mg of caffeine to keep you energized and alert, like an on-switch for your day. Each scoop also has 15g of protein and 25 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin D to help support the immune system. If you need an energy boost in your day, this Vanilla Cappuccino flavored blend is perfect for you.


vega functional welness brain health

No more mind games here! Hello WellnessTM IT’S A NO BRAINER™ helps support brain health with 32mg of Omega-3 DHA from a plant-based marine algae, and it has 15g of protein and 20 percent of the recommended daily value of antioxidant vitamin C in every scoop. The Raspberry Blackberry flavored blend is delicious.


vega functional wellness gut health

Go with your gut! Hello WellnessTM YOU’VE GOT GUTS™ helps support a healthy gut with 5g of prebiotic fiber, and it has probiotics and 15g of protein in every scoop. This Choco-Cinnamon blend will help support you from the inside out.

Choose your favorite or try them all. Which one will you say hello to first?