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Three Delicious Oatmeal Substitutes

By Jessica Morris on September 19, 2013, categorized in Berry, chocolate, Coconut Almond, In the Kitchen, Mocha, Plain Unsweetened, Salted Caramel, Tropical, Vanilla, VEG00610, VEG00611, VEG00612, VEG00613, VEG00614, VEG00640, VEG00641, VEG00642, VEG00643, VEG00644, VEG00645, VEG00646, VEG00647, VEG00648, VEG00656, VEG00657, VEG00658, VEG00659, VEG00670, VEG00671, VEG00672, VEG00676, VEG00677, VEG00678, VEG00772, VEG00773, VEG00828, VEG00829, VEG00854, VEG00855N, VEG00856N, VEG00857N, VEG00858N, VEG00859N, VEG00864N, VEG00865N, VEG00866N, VEG00867N, VEG00874N, VEG00875N, VEG00876N, VEG00877N, VEG06650, VEG06651, VEG10610, VEG10611, VEG10612, VEG10613, VEG10614, VEG10640, VEG10641, VEG10642, VEG10643, VEG10644, VEG10645, VEG10670, VEG10671, VEG10672, VEG10676, VEG10854, VEG10855, VEG10856, VEG10857, VEG1086, VEG10864, VEG10866, VEG10867, VEG10874, VEG10875, VEG10876, VEG10877, vega protein & greens, Vega Protein Smoothie, Vega Sport Premium Protein, Vega Sport Protein

Three Delicious Oatmeal Substitutes

If you’re tired of eating oatmeal for breakfast, and are looking for some warm breakfasts to help you get through the fall and winter seasons, look no further! Here are three delicious—and  very nutritious—oatmeal substitutes.

Healthy Alternative to Oatmeal

The most versatile of all pseudograins! Boil quinoa in water for a simple gluten-free cereal, then top it with creative delights such as fresh or dried fruit, cinnamon, maple syrup, and nuts and seeds! Due to its mild flavor and high protein content, using quinoa as an oatmeal substitute makes for a delicious breakfast. A great way to increase the protein content and flavor of cooked quinoa is by adding Vega Sport® Protein or another plant protein powder to it, along with your favorite milk alternative, to make a creamy, porridge-like texture, and give it an awesome vanilla, chocolate or berry flavor!

Don’t be fooled by the name–buckwheat does not contain wheat! It’s classified as a seed in the same family as rhubarb. Buckwheat also contains the mineral magnesium, which helps your body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, as well as supporting the development of healthy tissue, teeth and bones.1 Buckwheat as an oatmeal substitute has a mild nutty flavour and can also be used in place of breakfast cereals. Try it topped with your favorite non-dairy milk, along with bananas, raw nuts, and seeds!

Brown Rice:
Have you ever heard of a brown rice breakfast? If not, you’re in for a treat!
Brown rice is rich in fiber, selenium, and other minerals such as manganese. The importance of eating a diet high in fiber is not only important to keep you full, but has been linked to healthy weight management as well!2 Try making your usual oatmeal breakfast with brown rice, and see and feel the difference it makes both in the short and long term!

Knowing alternatives and substitutes to your favorite meals (like oatmeal) is a great way to expand your knowledge. And your taste buds!

Share your favorite oatmeal-alternative breakfast creations!

1. Health Canada. (2007). Monograph: Magnesium. Retrieved 9/1/13 from http://webprod.hc-sc.gc.ca/nhpid-bdipsn/monoReq.do?id=135&lang=eng

2. Slavin JL. (2008). Position of the American Dietetic Association: Health Implications of dietary fiber. Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 108(10):1716-31.

Jessica Morris

A Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP), Jessica specializes in blood sugar and weight management, natural sports nutrition and longevity. Jessica is a certified personal trainer and indoor cycling instructor. Her enthusiasm for plant-based nutrition, fitness, and health inspires her clients to take charge of their health and create positive changes.
Jessica Morris