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Faster Than The Speed of Sound: Race Day Run Playlist

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Faster Than The Speed of Sound: Race Day Run Playlist

Now that you’ve put in the miles and miles of legwork, let’s race! No earbuds allowed on the race field? Pump yourself up before hand with these jams and Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer before handing your music over to a cheering friend.  These songs will help you go the distance with over 4 ½ hours of beats, curated by Vega Blogger Mix-ologists.

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Meet Your Mix-ologists:

Angela Simpson

Angela is an avid runner and triathlete, health coach and healthy food enthusiast. Her goal is to encourage and inspire others to live their lives to the fullest, making the most of every day by setting goals and chasing them with passion. When she’s not creating new recipes in her kitchen and working with clients, you’ll find Angela out for a run, at the farmer’s market, and exploring Vancouver, the city she’s now proud to call home.

Blog: eat-spin-run-repeat.com
Twitter: twitter.com/eatspinrunrpt
Instagram: instagram.com/eatspinrunrpt
Facebook: facebook.com/EatSpinRunRepeat
Pinterest: pinterest.com/eatspinrunrpt

Nicole Antoinette

Nicole Antoinette is an accountability coach who wants to live in a world with less bullshit. She’s known for using real talk and tough love to help people close the gap between what they say they want and what they actually do, and she’s no stranger to the emotional side of making big life changes.

Over at LifeLessBullshit.com, Nicole’s mission is to take whatever you’re obsessed with and help you create a simple, clear, and terror-free action plan for how to get it – all while eliminating energy-sucking BS along the way.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NicoleLessBS
Instagram: https://instagram.com/NicoleLessBS

Shane Bolosan

A Hawaiian living in Arizon, Shane A.K.A. The Silent Assassin and blogger at shootskdenaloha.com/ spreads all the love through my passion of running. “I always put family first and I get real joy through the act of giving, and making people smile!  I’ve got aloha for days!”




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