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Easy Ways to Relieve Stress

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Easy Ways to Relieve Stress

We know the world feels a little stressful right now, and we also know that one effective way to relieve stress is by moving your body. Check out below to where we outline the connection between movement and stress-release and how you can reap the most stress-releasing benefits.

Improved Mood

The easiest way to relieve stress is to make movement a part of your healthy lifestyle every day. Any type of exercise, from a brisk walk around the neighborhood, to a simple yoga flow or even a quick 2-3 minute stretch a couple of times throughout the day, can help with stress-release. That’s because being active can boost the production of your brain’s feel-good chemicals, also known as endorphins. You may have heard the term “runner’s high,” but this feeling isn’t just for runners. Most any type of movement can contribute to the same positive and energizing feeling.

It’s recommended to get moving for at least two and a half hours each week at a moderate to vigorous level. For even more benefits aim for five hours each week and combine both strength and cardio training. The good news is that you don’t have to do it all at once! You can break it up into 10 minute intervals throughout the day. Reference 1

More energy

Getting moving any time of day can give you more energy, and starting your day with morning movement is incredibly beneficial.  This will give you an opportunity to do something for yourself and help you will feel like you have the energy to tackle whatever the day has in store.

Need ideas for how to exercise outside or some quick inspo? Check out how to make your workouts more effective, and how to strength train outside.

Improved sleep

Movement can help improve your sleep, which is often disrupted if you are feeling stressed. To get the most sleep-promoting benefits, try to get outdoors where you can enjoy fresh air, natural light and take in the calm of nature around you. Being exposed to natural light during the day can improve sleep by reinforcing your body’s sleep-wake cycle as well.

Above all, and especially now- when you do get a chance to move your body, make sure to spice it up with a motivating podcast, inspiring music, or a call to a loved one (who doesn’t love to call mom during a brisk walk).

Movement, plus positive inputs, is something we all need these days.

How has movement released stress from your life? Let us know in the comments below.



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