Granola Bowl Protein Smoothie

Granola Bowl Protein Smoothie

Serves 6 15 minute prep time

April brings rhubarb to Vancouver’s farmer’s market scene. Rhubarb instantly reminds us of strawberry rhubarb pie, crisps and jam. With rhubarb on our minds, local apples and frozen strawberries saved from the farmer’s market last summer on hand, we knew we had to make this strawberry rhubarb smoothie.  We leveled it up with a homemade granola bowl for a fun (and delicious) twist on a classic smoothie bowl.


  • Smoothie Ingredients (Serves: 1 smoothie or 4-6 smoothie cups)
  • 1 cup rhubarb, chopped
  • ½ apple, chopped
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • ½ cup Silk® Unsweetened Almondmilk
  • 1 serving French Vanilla Vega One® Organic All-in-One Shake
  • Granola Bowls (Makes 6-8 regular or 12 mini granola cups)
  • 1 chia egg (1 tsp ground chia seeds & 2 tsp warm water)
  • ½ serving French Vanilla Vega One® Organic All-in-One Shake
  • 1½ cups oats
  • ¼ cup almond meal
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • ½ cup vegan butter
  • ¼ cup maple syrup
  • ½ cup dried apple, chopped
  • ¼ cup dried cranberries
  • Optional: handful of chopped nuts or seeds


  • Add all smoothie ingredients to a blender and blend well. Keep this thick with only 1/2 cup almond milk if you want to use it as your granola bowl filling. Thin it out with another 1/2 cup of almond milk for a smoothie.

  • Pre-heat oven to 350°F.

  • Mix ground chia seeds with warm water. Set aside and let stand.

  • Mix Vega One®, oats, almond meal, cinnamon & sea salt.

  • Mix butter, maple syrup & chia egg.

  • Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients.

  • Fold in dried fruit.

  • Using silicone muffin liners, fill each liner half full and lightly pack mixture into cup, pulling up high on the sides (you want it thin with no holes or gaps and built up high).

  • Bake 15 to 18 minutes.

  • Remove and let cool completely.

  • Fill with smoothie and serve!