Earn Rad(ish) Rewards

Wait, what are Rad(ish) Rewards?

Eating more plant-based food isn’t just good for your health and the environment—it can also help your wallet. For every friend you refer to the Vega Store, both you and your BFF will earn points to spend on your favorite Vega products


So, how do I earn points?

As a Vega Store customer, you are already part of Rad(ish) Rewards. You just need to plant a seed to start earning points!

Refer a friend who’s brand new to the Vega Store using your unique Referral Seed URL which is found in MyAccount.
Your BFF creates a Vega Store account and makes their first purchase, using your special Referral Seed URL.
You AND your BFF will receive 15 Rad(ish) Rewards points. Every point is worth $1 so consider that $15 of free money to spend on your next purchase.
Find a new BFF and repeat from Step 1.

As you tend your Rad(ish) Reward garden, keep your eyes peeled. As a loyal customer, you never know when we might sow an opportunity to earn extra points. Just because we think you’re rad!


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Rad(ish) Rewards are only available in the Vega Store, and cannot be used in any other store that carries Vega products—online or in real life. Rad(ish) Reward points can only be applied to product, not to shipping or taxes.

Vega reserves the right to determine the use of this program at any time.  Abuse of the program can result in termination of a Vega store account and/or forfeiture of points.  The program is subject to updates or termination at the sole discretion of Vega.