Vega One Bar

Indulge and relax knowing you’ve covered your nutritional bases with Vega One All-in-One Meal Bar.

Vega One Bar

About Vega One Bar

If you’re wilting at your desk by 10 AM, don’t kick yourself for missing breakfast. Instead of another cup of coffee, grab a Vega One All-in-One Meal Bar. Indulge and relax knowing you’ve covered your nutritional bases with satisfying layers of chocolate-dipped goodness.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Vega One Meal Bar organic?

    To certify all ingredients can be cost prohibitive to some of the smaller farms we work with, however we choose ingredients that are organic, non-GMO and pesticide-free where we can. As you’ll see when you check the ingredients list of Vega One Meal Bar, we’re using more organic ingredients than ever before.

  • How many Vega One Meal Bars can I eat in a day?

    Because Vega One Meal Bar is fortified with nutritional supplements (probiotics, antioxidants, and greens blend) as well as added vitamins and minerals, talk to your health care practitioner if you plan on consuming more than two bars a day.

  • Can I still use Vega One if I’m consuming Vega One Meal Bar too?

    Both Vega One Meal Bar and Vega One contain a blend of added vitamins and minerals. Consult your doctor or health care practitioner to determine a diet and supplement routine that best support your individual health circumstances and lifestyle.

  • Do I have to be vegetarian or vegan to take Vega One Meal Bar?

    While all ingredients in Vega One—and all Vega products—are completely plant-based, you don’t have to be vegetarian or vegan to enjoy the benefits of Vega One in either the Nutritional Shake or Meal Bar format. Both are ideal supplements for convenience-seeking omnivores wanting to increase the percentage of plant-based nutrients in their diet, too. Most adults can benefit from taking Vega One or Vega One Meal Bar, from busy students, to active professionals, to on-the-go moms, to seniors. Basically anyone looking to add more plant-based nutrients to their diet in an all-in-one format will enjoy the convenience of Vega One Meal Bar or Nutritional Shake.

  • I noticed Vega One Meal Bar contains whole food sweetener sources such as tapioca, brown rice and agave. Why did Vega choose these sweeteners?

    During product reformulation, the goal was to choose sweeteners that were organic, gluten-free, vegan, minimally-refined, and with a low-glycemic index. Vega One Meal Bars contain: • Dates (as a whole food source of sweetness and carbohydrate energy). • Organic tapioca syrup (a minimally- refined, grain-free sweetener made from the cassava root). • Organic whole grain brown rice syrup (minimally-refined). • Organic raw agave (minimally-refined, low-glycemic sweetener that contains trace minerals unlike refined white sugar or refined agave). • Organic cane sugar (sometimes referred to as evaporated cane sugar. The crystallized remains of sap extracted from sugar cane, this retains the nutrients naturally found in cane sugar, and is less refined than white sugar).

Nutrition Facts


  • Feel Fuller with Protein and Fiber

    Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee, grab something that will satisfy you and keep you full—deliciously. Vega One Meal Bar has 12 grams of protein from sprouted whole grain brown rice and pea protein, as well as 4 grams of fiber to keep you feeling fuller, longer.

  • Get in Your Greens

    Cover your nutritional bases with an additional serving of green veggies. Each Vega One Meal Bar has a serving of greens made from real, whole food spinach, broccoli, alfalfa, and kale. Trust us, it tastes better than dipping your kale in dark chocolate.

  • Omega-3s

    Omega-3s are essential fatty acids—your body doesn’t make them so they must be consumed—that help support overall health and well-being. Each Vega One Meal Bar has 1 gram of plant-based Omega-3s from SaviSeed oil, chia and hemp seeds.

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