5 Easy and Fun Meal Prep Ideas

5 Easy and Fun Meal Prep Ideas

Even if you love weekly meal prep, you may not always game for it. If you ever need a little motivational boost to get your meal prep on, try these five must-try tips to make it easy and fun.

Equip Yourself

Measure twice and cut once, right? Just like you learned in woodshop, you get the most out of anything by being prepared.  A helpful kitchen essential for meal planning is food storage containers. We recommend a set of stackable glass containers that you can freeze, microwave, and throw in the dishwasher.

Chop It Like It’s Hot

Wash, chop and portion your produce so it’s ready to roll when hunger strikes. If you don’t have time to wash and chop let the grocery store do it for you and pickup pre-chopped, washed and prepped produce. Most grocery stores even carry salad-in-a-bag so you have everything you need to make a quick and easy salad.

One Ingredient, Enjoyed Multiple Ways

Save time and energy by prepping one base ingredient and enjoying it multiple ways throughout the week.

Overnight oats can be made in a batch and topped with different ingredients throughout the week. Or prep lettuce and use it in multiple mason jar salads.

Portions, Portions, Portions

Portion your produce, nuts, and meals into food storage containers. Then you’re not tempted to eat all the chopped carrots, or your entire batch of beaked beans, just because that’s easier than putting them together to make a meal.

Prep Ready-to-Blend Smoothies

Smoothies are a quick, delicious way to pack in micronutrients and plant-based protein. Keep pre-portioned bags of spinach and chopped fruit in the freezer so you can easily grab one when you need a snack, then blend it up with a plant-based beverage or water and a scoop of your favorite plant-based protein.