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What Sustainability Means to Vega

At Vega, we want to change the world. And changing the world starts with us.

Our passion for plant-based nutrition is as much about empowering health as it is about supporting the health of our planet. But sustainability isn’t just about what goes into our products—sustainability must be part of everything we do.

We want to be a company that leaves a net zero carbon footprint. Come join us on our Journey to Zero.

Journey to Zero

It’s one thing to say you want to be a company that leaves a net-zero carbon footprint. It’s quite another to take real actions toward that goal. Journey to Zero is Vega’s name for our process of taking actions and being accountable to this goal.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. And because we mean business when it comes to the planet, we treat our carbon footprint as a real indicator of our performance. We started with a complete corporate environmental sustainability audit and used the results to create Vega’s Sustainability Action Plan.

Every small change we make is a step on our Journey to Zero—and we take each of them so seriously that we’ve woven this process of making steps on this journey through the fabric of everything we do. Our ingredients, our packaging, our office, our suppliers—each of these represents an opportunity to innovate, improve, and bring us closer to our goal.


Our passion for clean, plant-based nutrition that’s good for your body and fuels your healthy, active life isn’t the only reason Vega products are exclusively plant-based—it’s also a reflection of our commitment to the planet.

What you eat can make a bigger impact on the planet than any other choice you make.

Reducing your personal carbon footprint involves a whole lot more than just how big a car you drive on your morning commute. In fact, what you eat can make a bigger impact on the planet than any other choice you make.

Whole, plant-based foods provide far greater nutrition relative to their real production cost from seed-to-plate when compared to processed, non-plant-based options. Or, in the words of our formulator, Brendan Brazier, they have a significantly lower nutrient-to-resource and nutrient-to-emissions ratio.

Your carbon footprint shrinks with every plant-based meal you choose.

Reducing your impact on the planet is simple—just start with one (plant-based meal a day, that is). Whether you’re dipping your toe into the Meatless Monday routine, or you’re a card-carrying raw vegan localvore, every plant-based meal you choose makes a dent.


100% PCR Bottles: Now with tons less hot air (literally)

In our 2012 sustainability audits, we identified packaging as our single largest source of CO2 emissions—back then packaging materials accounted for 71% of Vega’s total carbon footprint1Data analysis by Conscious Brands (, included Scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions sources. Why? Because until then, like every other company in our industry, most of what we made at Vega came in a plastic bottle—bottles made from virgin HDPE plastic, derived from greenhouse-gas generating, non-renewable petroleum.

In 2013 we switched to 100%2Excluding 4% colorantpost-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic bottles.

We were the first in our category to switch from virgin HDPE plastic bottles to 100% PCR plastic bottles. With this one step, Vega has achieved the following environmental impact benefits so far:3For the time period of 2013 – 2015 + Forecast year of 2016 volume.

  • Diverted 1,349 tons4Data analysis by Terra Stewardship Sustainability Consulting Group ( of plastic from the waste stream. Made into Vega bottles stacked end-to-end, that’s a stack 325 times the height of Mount Everest.
  • Saved 1,611 tons5Data analysis by Terra Stewardship Sustainability Consulting Group ( of CO2 – 63% less CO2 greenhouse gases* than virgin plastic. This much CO2 could fill 2,044 parade balloons, making a balloon-only parade 23.2 miles long.
  • Used 81,369 million BTUs6Data analysis by Terra Stewardship Sustainability Consulting Group ( less energy – 86% less energy* than virgin plastic.  That’s enough energy saved to run 770 average detached single family homes in America for a year.

Plus, Vega’s 100% PCR HDPE plastic bottles are still fully recyclable.

There are no silver bullets—in life, or on our Journey to Zero—but every choice we make matters. Vega lives our commitment to constant improvement by pursuing perfection, one small change at a time.

* compared to using virgin plastic to make the same volume of Vega bottles