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Kombucha Mojito Mocktail

Serves 2 5 minute prep time

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Kombucha Mojito Mocktail

Neighborhood block parties, poolside weekends or cookouts with your family are some of the best ways to spend hot months. Along with the fresh fruit, potato salad and your favorite grilled veggies it just wouldn’t be summer without a refreshing drink to cool you down. While some of your friends or family might be reaching for an adult beverage, you or your guests may want to join in on the festivities without the booze. Don’t worry, you can party alcohol-free and not be left out!

Kombucha is a fermented, often fizzy, slightly tart tea drink. Its effervescent quality makes it a perfect ingredient for this mocktail or other DIY non-alcoholic drinks.

You can also create virgin mimosas, sangria and other beverages! What is your favorite drink you’d like to see made with kombucha? Comment below!

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Planning a summer get-together? Why not make it a potluck? Assign everyone a different recipe so you can try a little bit of everything at your next get-together.

Your Planned Potluck Menu:


  • 8oz /237ml of plain flavored kombucha (or sparkling water)
  • 1 handful of fresh mint
  • Juice of 4 medium sized oranges
  • Juice of 4 to 6 limes
  • Maple syrup, stevia, or other sweetener to taste


  • Juice limes and oranges, either by hand or using a citrus juicer.

  • Blend juice, mint, and sweetener until mint is well incorporated.

  • Combine blended juice and kombucha.

  • Garnish with fresh fruit, mint sprig and/or little umbrella. Serve over ice and take in the summer rays!

Paige Snyder

Paige Snyder works at Vega as a Regional Educator. She is a plant-based nutritionist who specializes in sport performance, stress management, and achieving your optimal weight. Paige is currently completing her Masters in Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, and loves to develop raw dessert recipes.
Paige Snyder

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