Visiting for SeaWheeze? Your Vancouver Weekend Guide

Visiting for SeaWheeze? Your Vancouver Weekend Guide

This is it. You’ve been training for the last three months using the Tacklebox training. You’ve racked up the distance, you’ve done yoga with our home girl Alex Mazerolle… you’re ready to run 21.1km (or 13.1 miles for our friends flying in from America). But a SeaWheeze weekend isn’t complete without enjoying all Vancouver has to offer, so let me take you on an adventure to make this the weekend you won’t forget:


First things first, you’ve got to hit up the Package Pick-up Party to get your race packet and enjoy the SeaWheeze Showcase Store to grab a few SeaWheeze limited edition items that you can wear proudly when you’re running in your hood. Don’t forget your ID as you’ll need it for pickup… and don’t forget your dollars for the store. It’s best to get there as early as you can. They say everything is bigger in Texas, but they clearly haven’t seen the line-ups at SeaWheeze.

Once you’ve picked up your package and grabbed your SeaWheeze goodies you’re probably starving. In just a short walk you can cruise to Nuba in Gastown (207 West Hastings Street) for a delicious plant-based Mediterranean lunch. Najib’s Special would have to be our favorite and a great share plate. This is the meal to do your carb loading so keep that in mind as you order. Eat up then get ready to head back for Nooner Yoga at the Convention Center (Where you picked up your race package!) where one of lululemon’s ambassador’s will lead you through the perfect pre-race yoga class for FREE! Once you finish, enjoy the festivities!

Forgot your Vega swag and need to stock up? Whole Foods Market has you covered! Located on 1675 Robson Street it will have all of your Vega goodies to get you going, sustained andrecovered all in a day. We will also be on-course for you with Vega Sport Endurance Gels and Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator so never fear, we’re here for you. Keep it low key for the rest of the afternoon to save your legs, but if you’re feeling particularly adventurous then enjoy a short walk along our Seawall, where you could encounter seals or the occasional seagull transporting a starfish in its mouth (we think it’s the Uber equivalent for sea life). Otherwise you can check out Vancouver’s shopping hub on Robson Street, where you’ll find lululemon on Robson and Burrard (Just in case you need something!). It’s a long street so make sure you have comfortable shoes on.

Dinner should definitely be at Heirloom (1509 West 12th Ave) in South Granville but keep it light so your body isn’t working hard to digest, leaving you plenty of energy for the morning. The avocado fries are hard to beat though!


RACE DAY! Ready, set, GO! We’re cheering for you. Once you’re done, then it’s time to celebrate! Our post-race recommendations are:

  • Parlour Want a great patio in Vancouver’s old warehouse district, Yaletown? Find it here. It also has a great vibe when the sun goes down...way down.
  • Chill Winston This place has a central patio in Gastown, so it combines people watching with a few refreshing drinks – bring your friends!
  • 33 Acres Brewery  Vancouver is known for its craft breweries and this is the top of the list. Family owned, they not only have beer but cider too. Grab one of their famous B33R growlers as a memento.
  • Craft Beer Market  If you’re the type of person who loves having options, Craft Beer Market won’t disappoint. With over 140 different beers to choose form, they’ll have you covered.
  • Mahony & Sons You’ve just finished 21.1km and can’t fathom walking far for a post-celebratory drink. Mahony & Sons is located on the backside of the Vancouver Convention Center, not far from the finish line and with a spectacular view of the bay and North Vancouver.

Don’t forget the Sunset Festival! Remember to bring your ID and ticket for your friends and family to join you at the festival.

Other great Vancouver places to eat plant-based:

Don’t forget to try (for you or your friends!):

What is your SeaWheeze game plan?


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Morgan Dunn is a part of Vega’s Digital Marketing Team. She’s currently working towards becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Originally from Australia, she moved to Canada to play in British Columbia’s natural playground. You can find her snowboarding in Whistler, running through the trails of Vancouver, seeking out adventures or enjoying a chai latte as she writes for her lifestyle blog.