Managing the Holiday Bustle

Managing the Holiday Bustle

Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Time also flies when you’re frazzled and rushing around getting all of your holiday tasks done. It’s easy to get lost in the holiday hustle and bustle, falling behind in your workout routine, your healthy eating, and your down time for self-care. I’ve got some tips that will have this hustle feel like a breeze, while staying on top of your health goals.

1. Jim? No. This Kind of Gym.

Although you may not feel like you have enough time to hit the gym, where there’s a will there’s a way. There’s no doubt that after I have a solid workout, I feel great! Let’s not lose that feeling while we’re running around getting ready for our next holiday bash. Whether it’s waking up an extra hour early to hit the gym before work, or hitting up that half hour power workout on your lunch break. Still not thinking it’s possible? No problem! Take five while at your desk at work on some squats, do some burpees, or a quick ab workout. Check out the easy moves you can do at your desk or these one minute workouts to incorporate into your day. If you want it, you can make it happen. Busy at home? Check out these workouts you can do in your kitchen.

2. Simplify

The holidays are a great time to get together with family and friends. Often, we can find ourselves jumping from party to party, trying to fit as much as we can into the 24 hours of each day.  It’s not uncommon to feel exhausted with all the festivities we attend. How nice would it be if you could get almost everyone in one room? This can happen! Take on being the host for the evening and let everyone come to you! Family, friends, and co-workers unite! While this might seem like a daunting task, it can be totally do-able, and just think of what you could do with all your free time after!

Worried about supplying all the food? No problem, make it a potluck and invite everyone to bring their favorite dish; you can even spice it up by making it a theme party, just ask your guests to bring a dish to suit the theme.

3. Just Do You

Don’t underestimate some “me” time. While the holidays can be full of fun times and gatherings, some down time can be just what you need to rest up for the next event thrown your way.  Take a bath, read a book, take yourself out for coffee, and make some time to do something nice for you. Often times we’re too busy taking care of everyone else that we end up turning into the holiday Scrooge. Take a little R&R and watch out, before you know it you’ll be the life of the party again.

4. It’s Not too Late to Meditate

Too many things to do, too many people to see, how can you juggle it all while staying sane?  Add a little meditation to your “me” time. Calm your mind, so you can take full advantage of that down time, or de-clutter the noise in your head to focus on work. I’ll admit, I was intimidated by meditation, and didn’t think I would ever have the time to fit it in. The good news is you can set the timer on your phone for whatever amount of time works for you. Some days all I have time for is a quick five minute break, where I can sit in silence or listen to a guided meditation app.

What tricks do you use to make it through the holidays?