Green Foods to Add to Your Diet

Green Foods to Add to Your Diet

Kale is so hot right now. For good reason—it’s one of our favorite dark leafy greens that has vitamins and minerals and is low in calories. But there are many other green veggies who deserve their time to shine. And that time is now.


A source of vitamins C and K, raw broccoli shouldn’t be shoved to the side of your plate. Toss steamed broccoli florets with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice. Don’t throw out the stems—that’s where most of broccoli’s fiber lives. Chop them and add to your next stir-fry.


Kiwi provides vitamin C and is delicious in smoothies.


A source of plant-based calcium, bok choy is delicious in stir-fries. Look for baby bok choy for a mild flavor.


Need a new way to eat cucumber? Add slices of cucumber to your salad, smoothie or afternoon hummus and veggie snack.


Avocados have good fats (unsaturated fats) and add flavor to your plate. Try slicing half an avocado onto your power salad bowl, or even adding it to your smoothie. You can even make a face mask by mashing avocado with a bit of agave, and letting it sit on your face for 10 minutes.

What are your favorite greens?