Full Power: HIIT Workout Playlist

Full Power: HIIT Workout Playlist

To really hit your max power, and your highest intensity during metabolic conditioning or HIIT workouts, you need beats that will rev up your game. Tune in for 30 minutes of bass that shakes, BPM that’s bopping, and maybe a power ballad or two. Your legs may burn, and your lungs may ache, but this playlist will help you hit full power.

Note: Rocking this loud in your office to get pumped up before your afternoon run? Know that you might hear a couple of swear words in this playlist. These songs were chosen by our Mix-ologists as what gets them ready to rock their runs—expletives and all. These songs do not reflect the views or values of Vega. If you don’t know, now you know.

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Meet Your Mix-ologists:


MarC is an Atlanta-based Certified Personal Trainer and host of HangTight with MarC total body workouts. MarC specializes in various exercise types–HIIT, EMOM, Tabata, AMRAP, Time Challenge, Yoga, and Pilates.




  • Kasey Arena

Kasey Arena is a Certified Personal Trainer, Published Author of BODYpeace, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Corporate Fitness Professional, Under Armour Brand Ambassador, IDEA Fitness Inspired Advisor, & has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health & Physical Education. Kasey has a great passion and enthusiasm for fitness, fueling your body, cooking and baking. Kasey prides herself on teaching & inspiring others to find their own balance in life. Kasey stresses a personal outlook with her motto, “Be true to you!” and truly believes that you can live an abundant life in all areas as long as you stay true to yourself.

Lacy J. Davis

Lacy J. Davis is a plant-based health and wellness coach, chef, and power lifter. She loves talking about positive body image and self-esteem, feminism, and quality post-workout smoothies.




NASM certified personal trainer whose goal is to spread the love of health and fitness—all while keeping up with the hustle and bustle of Manhattan! Nicole takes a holistic approach to fitness, and believes in trying new moves, new classes, and switching up routine regularly.


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