How to find more culture (No matter where you live )

How to find more culture (No matter where you live )

Are you looking for something different to do this weekend? Instead of flying away for vacation, do you want to fall deeper in love with your home town? Getting your cultural fix doesn’t need to require going somewhere new and potentially exotic. You can learn to love all the opportunities available for you right in your city. Take to Twitter and ask for anything coming up. Explore the cultural districts for a taste of something different or check out a few of my handy suggestions for a fun cultural exploration of your city:


Most cities host a variety of talks, lunch and learns, and conferences often discussing a variety of topics. Search for any Pecha Kucha talks (small presentations where the speaker talks for 20 seconds per presentation slide, for 20 slides) in your town, or see if there are any TEDx events coming through. Why not take up a language course and wow friends with your new lingo? Some cities also do City Tours that talk about the history and culture of where you live. You could even check out your local university or college to see what hot topics might be coming up to be discussed.


You can go straight to the main source if you want: your city’s art gallery (some galleries even provide free admission days!) or you can take a trip to the artiest neighbourhood in your city to check out the smaller galleries. Drop by the local art school and see if anything is coming up or is on display for the public. Keep your eyes peeled for any festivals coming through your city that focus on the arts. Become an artist yourself! Many cities have introduced restaurants that specialize in you being able to create your own masterpiece while you eat and enjoy a beverage (with art supplies included, no need to BYO).


You could go to almost any bar or pub in your city and find a musical act, especially if it’s a weekend evenings. Open mic nights are fun and a great way to seek out great new acts that could be up and coming (maybe even big one day!). Alternatively, there are always music festivals! Have a city park? Check out your city’s website to see if anyone’s playing a pop-up concert.


By that I mean… the performing arts, not crying over spilled smoothie. Story nights, improv, community theatre, comedy nights or dance… the options are endless for the performing arts. The easiest way to find out what’s playing in your area is to check your local newspaper, or head to your local theatre (or community college) to see what might be playing next.

Your city’s website will also have a section on the arts and culture that can let you know what’s coming down the pipeline for anything chatty, arty, musical or dramatic!

With this list you should hopefully be on your way to being culturally covered so grab your friends, get out there and explore, fall in love with your city, and its culture, all over again.

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