4 Sustainability Tips For Your Next Dinner Party

4 Sustainability Tips For Your Next Dinner Party

Who doesn’t love a dinner party? Throwing a dinner can be a fantastic way to gather friends and family together to share wonderful conversations and food. What if you could do this in a more sustainable way? A way that benefits not only your health, but the environment too?
Here are a few tips to make your dinner party more sustainable:

1. Serve Local Food:

One easy, affordable way to make your dinner party sustainable is to buy your ingredients at your local farmers market. Eating seasonally and local is a great way to save money, support your community and get fresh delicious food to wow your dinner guests!

If you are unable to buy your food from a farmers market, try to buy local or seasonal food from your grocery store, or join a local food co-op and have groceries sent to your house!

2. Drink Organic or Local Beverages:

Eating locally isn’t the only way to be sustainable—beverages are important too! If you are serving alcoholic beverages, supporting local and/or organic breweries or vineyards is a fantastic way to be sustainable. You may also notice that your local or organic wine or beer tastes that much better too—cheers!

3. Choose Conscious Dinnerware:

Don’t focus so much on what’s on your plate that you forget about the details of what goes around your plate—cutlery, plates, and napkins. Steer clear from using plastic or Styrofoam, if possible. If you are eating at home, stick to your real ceramic or glass dinnerware over paper or plastic. Ask for everyone’s help in doing a quick clean-up post dinner. Use DIY household cleaners <link to article in this newsletter> and compost any uneaten food.

4. Send Eco-Invitations:

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and environmentally-savvy way to send out invites for your dinner party, send an e-vite or make phone call! Send out a fun e-mail to help make your dinner party invite look amazing. This saves paper, time and money—plus it’s also a lot faster than snail mail.

Planning and creating a sustainable dinner party is not only a great way to help to environment, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to educate your dinner guests how to make their meals more sustainable. I have no doubt your party will be a hit!

What are your favorite ways to ensure that your dinner parties are sustainable and special? Comment below?