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Why Vega

Welcome to Vega—a world of premium, clean, plant-based nutrition

Be better on your own terms, one small change at a time.

No matter what better means to you, Vega shares the knowledge, nutrition, and inspiration to support your quest to thrive.

Don’t worry—better isn’t an all-or-nothing challenge. Vega’s approach to better is a little bit different: we believe the best long-term changes happen with small, incremental steps, and that better should be sustainable—in all meanings of the word. This is why we’re fans of focusing not on what you should eliminate from your diet, but on what you can add. Start by adding one plant-based meal or dish a day—a smoothie for breakfast, salad for dinner, or soup for lunch—and you’ll realize it’s much easier than you think to start eating whole, plant-based foods.

Resources to Thrive

Explore Vega’s plant-based world at your own pace—these resources hold useful treasure for toe-dipper and deep-diver alike:

  • Vega Learning Center and Recipe Center
    Whether you’d love to know more about plant-based nutrition, stress management, self-care, sport nutrition, or health, quench your curiosity in our Learning Center, where you’ll find quick tips, in-depth articles, infographics and more. Then blend and cook better with mouthwatering plant-based recipes (everything from smoothies to mac n’ cheese to donuts) in our Recipe Center.

Want more? Connect with Vegatopia

United by a shared quest for better, you are now part of an enthusiastic tribe who will cheer you on, whatever better means to you. Connect with Vega on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

What IS clean, plant-based nutrition?

No matter what better means to you, Vega products are made with these principles in mind:

  • Plant-based
    At Vega, we make plant-based foods for every body. We believe you should grab real plant-based foods first. When you don’t have time, space, or napkins to eat the foods you love and normally choose, reach for Vega products, made with real plant-based food ingredients you can feel good about.


    As a term, “plant-based diet” is often used interchangeably with “vegan” (a diet and lifestyle that avoids all animal products in food, cosmetics, and apparel). While those who identify as vegan eat an exclusively plant-based diet by definition, eating a plant-based diet can fall along a spectrum with as many variations as there are people to make choices about food.  We’re not fans of narrow definitions and welcome everyone—no matter where you fall on the spectrum of a plant-based diet. Whether you’re adding one new plant-based food or 20, there are benefits to be found from making plant-based foods a bigger part of your life.

  • Nutrient Dense

    The most nutrient dense foods are found in the plant kingdom. Minimally processed, whole plant-based foods give you more nutrition per bite (calories) than any other foods

  • Convenient
    You don’t have to compromise between whole food goodness and fast food convenience. Eating more plant-based foods doesn’t mean you have to be chained to your kitchen with three times the food prep you do a week in your current routine. If you love cooking, by all means, go for it—cooking more at home is a sure step to increasing your health (and we happen to know where you can find simple, delicious recipes—for all skill levels—that take no more time than your current staples).

And for days when a home-cooked meal just isn’t happening, Vega’s nutrient dense shakes, bars, and workout fuel made from whole foods are some of the smartest choice you can make.

  • Clean
    Clean can mean many things depending on your point of view. We start with real, whole foods and keep them as minimally processed as possible. Additionally, Vega products are:
    1. Certified vegan
    2. Gluten-free
    3. Non-GMO
    4. Made without dairy or soy ingredients, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners

What Sets Vega Apart

Our culture at Vega is proudly unique, vibrant, engaged—but in a word, we call it Vegatopia. The positive attitude, passion, and perseverance of the Vegatopians we hire is the true secret behind our success. It’s what keeps us innovative in our dedication to bringing you the high quality plant-based natural health products our fans love. It’s a little bit different here.

Vegatopians live and breathe Vega’s vision and mission through the core values we all created together:

Vega’s Core Values:

  • Keep your word.
    Demonstrate integrity, be honest, respect others, and choose ethically.
  • Perform better.
    Set goals, be performance driven, stand accountable, challenge “good enough,” and improve. Constantly.
  • Serve with passion.
    Listen, understand, solve problems, over-deliver, and astound every customer.
  • Own your work.
    Take ownership, drive action, show initiative, be proud, and speak up.
  • Play as a team.
    Contribute, empower, mentor, share, and celebrate together.

Curious about how Vega came to be and where we’re heading next? Dive into Vega’s History.