We are good for our people and our planet​.

We’re proud to be a certified B Corp, to be part of a community that uses business as a force for change. Our business and all its operations meet the highest ethical standards for our team, community and the environment. Here’s a few of the many things we do to make a sustainable, positive impact on our people and our planet.

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- Employee Wellbeing: We offer flexible time off and generous health and fitness benefits.  

- Volunteering: We provide paid volunteering days for all our staff across North America.  

- Customers: We provide excellent customer stewardship by providing no question warranties, always on customer support and highest levels of quality control. 

- Diversity: We are a minority-owned business committed to diversity and inclusivity. Our incredible team and community are proudly made up of people of all ages, races, ethnicities, identities, and abilities. All plant. All welcome.  


- Plant Power: We harness the power of plants for the planet! Choosing plant-based pea protein saves up to 100 x emissions compared to other proteins. 

- Restorative: We've planted over 502,700 trees to date, restoring some of the world’s most important ecosystems in Madagascar, Senegal and Vancouver Island. 

- Green office operations: Our office is a fossil fuel free, fully electrified LEED Gold building. We make sure our own office and kitchens are zero waste, and even have our own living moss wall! 

- Sustainably sourced: We source the best ingredients grown to the highest standards, always 100% non-GMO.