Vega® Protein & Energy

What does the MCT oil do? Why does it contain 3g?

MCT or Medium chain triglycerides are quickly absorbed fatty acids which can be extracted from coconut. Once absorbed, those medium chain fatty acids become readily available for your body to use as a source of energy.

What is the source of energy?

Each serving of Vega® Protein & Energy contains 100 mg of caffeine. The caffeine in Vega® Protein & Energy is derived from coffee fruit and is there to promote alertness, enhance cognitive and motor performance, promote endurance, and relieve fatigue.

Is there a recommended dosage?

We recommend taking Vega® Protein & Energy 1-2 times per day. Keep in mind that one serving offers 100mg of caffeine.

What is the amino acid profile?

The amino acids in Vega® Protein & Energy aren’t added but rather are naturally occurring from the ingredients in the blend.

We understand reviewing specific amino acids is important to you so we’re happy to offer you the typical amino acid profile for Vanilla Bean Protein & Energy.

Typical amino acid profile per serving (grams):

• Alanine 0.9
• Arginine 1.8
• Aspartic Acid 2.5
• Cystine 0.3
• Glutamic Acid 3.5
• Glycine 0.8
• Histidine 0.5
• Isoleucine 1.0
• Leucine 1.8
• Lysine 1.5
• Methionine 0.2
• Phenylalanine 1.1
• Proline 1.0
• Serine 1.0
• Threonine 0.8
• Tryptophan 0.2
• Tyrosine 0.9
• Valine 1.0

Values may vary slightly between flavors and lots.