Vega Sport® Endurance Gel

Push harder, last longer and take it to the next level with the help of Vega Sport Endurance Gel.

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Vega Sport® Endurance Gel

About Vega Sport Endurance Gel

A plant-based energy gel, Vega Sport Endurance Gel is formulated to:

  • Provide instant and sustained energy
  • Replenish electrolytes

Developed for easy on-the-run digestion and featuring whole food ingredients, Vega Sport Endurance Gel is free from high fructose corn syrup and maltodextrin. Plus, Vega Sport Endurance Gel is the only gel on the market to feature coconut oil for instant, non-carbohydrate energy.

Eat 1 gel every 45 minutes during endurance workouts to help you go the distance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of activities should I use Vega Sport Endurance Gel or Energy Bar for?

    Any sustained endurance activity longer than 60 minutes should be supplemented by carbohydrate-rich fuel. If you are able to digest a higher protein and fat snack, like the Vega Sport® Energy Bar, then you may decide to eat that instead of a Vega Sport® Endurance Gel. This depends on individual rates of digestion and personal preference. Often cyclists and hikers have an easier time eating a bar compared with endurance runners who often prefer an easier to consume and digest gel.   

  • I don’t like the texture of gels. What should I do?

    If the texture of energy gels is not your thing, you can dilute Vega Sport Endurance Gels in 1 1/4 cup (300ml) of water to drink during a run or cycle. You can also spread Endurance Gels like jam on toast to eat before or during exercise. Vega Sport Energy Bar is also an option for fuel during your workouts.   

Nutrition Facts


  • Dates as Functional Fuel

    For workouts longer than 45 minutes your body needs an energy boost. Vega Sport Endurance Gel contains 22 grams of carbs from dates, EnergySource and sorghum malt to provide minimally-processed carbohydrates that give you both a quick burst and slow release of energy. Dates are glucose-rich, easily digestible carbohydrates that also provide antioxidants to support inflammation management.

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  • Coconut Oil for Instant Energy

    Vega Sport Endurance Gel is the only gel on the market with coconut oil, which is rich in medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and metabolized like a carb for instant energy, without a crash afterwards.8Clegg, ME. (2010). Medium-chain triglycerides are advantageous in promoting weight loss although not beneficial to exercise performance. International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, 61(7): 653–679

  • EnergySource

    If you don’t consume additional calories during long workouts, your body has to turn to muscle glycogen (the energy stored in muscle) for fuel. Since muscle glycogen is not unlimited, you need to consume additional energy. A proprietary blend of grape juice (high-glycemic) and rice dextrins (low-glycemic), EnergySource delivers optimal carbohydrate energy during exercise.

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