Vega Protein Smoothie

Vega Protein Smoothie is a convenient protein boost you can take (and make) as an on-the-go snack or part of a healthy breakfast.

Vega Protein Smoothie

About Vega Protein Smoothie

Take the chore out of your daily protein quest with Vega Protein Smoothie. You and your family will love this convenient protein boost as an on-the-go snack or as part of a healthy breakfast.


Mix Vega Protein Smoothie with water, juice or non-dairy beverage, shake and go! Or blend into your favorite smoothie recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do the instructions say mix with a non-dairy beverage? Can I mix it with milk?

    We love non-dairy beverages such as almond, hemp, coconut, or rice milk (to name a few) mixed with Vega Protein Smoothie, but if you only have milk in your fridge, go for it!

  • I don’t like the taste of stevia. Will I like Vega Protein Smoothie?

    Stevia is plant-based, contains no calories, and has a glycemic index (GI) of zero. If you do not like the taste of stevia, try adding a squirt of lemon juice or a handful of dark leafy greens to your smoothie.

  • Can I eat Vega Protein Smoothie if I have special dietary needs?

    People of all ages love Vega Protein Smoothie. However, if you have special dietary needs (such as if you are pregnant or nursing, want to give Vega Protein Smoothie to a child, or you’re on otherwise restricted diet) we advise you talk to your health care practitioner before eating Vega Protein Smoothie.

Nutrition Facts


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  • Plant-based Protein

    Vega Protein Smoothie gives your on-the-go snack or breakfast a boost of plant-based protein. Made from sprouted whole grain brown rice, pea, hemp and SaviSeed protein, each serving has 15 grams of complete protein with a balanced amino acid profile.

  • Family-friendly Veggies

    Getting your family to eat their vegetables just got easier. Each serving of Vega Protein Smoothie contains the equivalent of two servings of veggies. Sneaking the goodness of kale, spinach and broccoli into your days is now a piece of cake.

  • Papaya Extract

    Enzymes produced by your body help to break down all the food you eat—protein, fat, AND carbs. These powerful enzymes can use a helping hand every now and again. Papaya is a source of papain—a natural digestive enzyme.

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