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Free Shipping on Orders +$50 + Free Gift on Orders +$100! Shop Now


Nutrition, Refreshed

Nutrition you want, wherever you are.

No matter how many directions your full life pulls you in, NEW Vega® Vitamins, Vega® Greens, and Vega® Probiotics meet you where you’re at, one refreshing drink at a time.

Vega Vitamins

Vega Vitamins

50% DV 13 Vitamins

10-15 Calories

Grapefruit Orange
Mango Pineapple
Blackberry Currant
Vega Greens

Vega Greens






No added


15 Calories

Mint Lemonade
Matcha Honeydew
Vega Probiotics

Vega Probiotics

2 Billion

CFU probiotics


No Sugar


5 Calories

Elderflower Pear
Hibiscus Grapefruit

Wherever You Are

Easily stashed in a bag, desk drawer, or glove compartment, now you can drink your vitamins, nutrition from greens, and probiotics on-the-go. Just mix 1 pack in -cold water and enjoy!

*Currently Available only in the United States

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Vega Product Selector

Find Your Perfect Protein

Vega Protein Product Selector

Should Vega One be your morning companion? Team Vega Protein & Greens or Vega Essentials?  Is Vega Sport Performance Protein the training partner you’re looking for? Your answer’s just six short (fun!) questions away.

What is your top goal this year?

I know I don't eat well and I'm ready for better
Manage healthy weight
Have more energy
Get strong, stay strong
Beat my PB (personal best)

What's stopping you from eating better?

I don't know how. Where do I start?
It's more than just me
No time!
I'm not eating salad while my buds are eating burgers
I think I already eat well

What does your breakfast routine look like?

What breakfast?
Protein Shake after hitting the gym
At my desk, sometime before noon
Breakfast is a priority! I start the day on the right foot
Gotta have a smoothie after my run

What is your spirit vegetable?

Carrot (Keep calm and carrot on)
Pea (Girl, peas.)
Kale (Oh kale yeah!)
Avocado (You're super hardcore!)
Beet (Can't be beet!)

What is your activity level?

Running through life is fitness enough
My yoga mat is my happy place
I prefer to ride bikes in a small, sweaty room
Go team!
Everywhere I go, I run

What do you do with your free time?

What free time?!
Hanging with my BFFs
Spending time with the ones I love
Sports, buds, and beers
Live to train, train to live

Vega® Protein & Greens

6 Flavors

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Vega® Essentials

3 Flavors

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Vega® Clean* Protein

2 Flavors

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