Strawberry Daiquiri

Serves 1

2 Minute Prep Time

By Kim McDevitt, MPH RD on August 11, 2014 , categorized in Smoothies

Strawberry Daiquiri

Warm sunny weather and an afternoon poolside with friends call for one thing – a frosty blender full of strawberry slush. What sweetens the deal? This strawberry daiquiri not only tastes amazing, it also has 20 grams of plant-based protein.



  1. Blend strawberries, lime, Vega Protein & Greens, and ice.

  2. Add seltzer water on top of blended ingredients and enjoy!

Kim McDevitt, MPH RD

Kim McDevitt works at Vega as a National Educator. A runner, cooking enthusiast, plant-focused flexitarian, Kim has passionately built her career in nutrition. Noticing that her running performances were closely tied to what she was eating, Kim decided to study nutrition and pursue advanced degrees in Dietetics and Public Health, to better understand the power of food in performance. Today, Kim specializes in sports nutrition to enhance athletic performance and focuses on realistic and approachable ways for improving health through educated dietary choices within an active lifestyle.