Friends of Vega

Welcome to Friends of Vega

You love clean, plant-based nutrition. We love our friends. We are excited to offer an exclusive 30% discount to employees of our Friends of Vega partners. You’ll enjoy access to our awesome products through our online store that will make fueling your healthy, active life that much sweeter. Thank you for being our partner in health!

How to Join:

Once a Friends of Vega partnership has been approved by Vega and your company’s head office, you may apply to the program using your company email address. (Please check with your office administrator to determine if you are eligible to participate.)

  1. Read our Friends of Vega Guidelines
  2. Fill out the Friends of Vega application form, using your company email address (which must include your company’s email domain, e.g., – your personal email address will not work).
  3. A confirmation link will be sent to your company email address. Click on the link to verify your account, and your Vega Store account will be automatically activated.
  4. Sign in to the Vega Store, start shopping and save! Your discount will be automatically applied to your account.

If you need assistance, please contact us at: [email protected] or call us at: 1-866-839-8863 (Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM (Pacific Time)

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