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Discontinued Vega Products

As a leader in plant-based nutrition, we love seeing more people eating more plants through their favorite Vega products. But not everything we make is a smashing success. Some products don’t gain the traction we hope they would, so as hard as it is to say goodbye, we have to stop producing them to make room for newer, more exciting products.

That’s why, starting today, Vega is no longer producing:

  • SaviSeeds™ (all flavors)
  • Vega Sport® Energy Bars (both flavors)
  • Dark Chocolate Cashew Cherry Vega® Snack Bars
  • Cranberry Almond Vega® Snack Bars
  • Vega® Antioxidant Omega Oil (250ml) (Canada Only)
  • Chocolate Mint Vega Sport® Protein Bars

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