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How Vegatopians Keep in Touch

By Vega on February 5, 2015

How Vegatopians Keep in Touch

Since this week’s #BestLifeProject nudge is to: “Give your fingers a break and call your mom, dad, best friend instead of texting.” We thought we’d share how Vegatopians stay close to the friends and family that mean a lot to them—even when work, travel and life get in the way.

Staying Connected Even When Life Changes

New mom and Vega Director of Sales for Canada, Michelle Prychidny, balances work, motherhood and connection by committing to stay in touch. “I have a standing call with my parents every Sunday at 5PM. We’ve done that since I went off to university. We rarely miss a Sunday. Since Blake [my daughter] came onboard, we’ve changed it to standing Skype calls. With my brother and his family we mostly text pictures and videos of our kids. My niece is 7 and she FaceTimes me whenever she wants to, which is really cute.

“With my friends here in Toronto, we try to meet up for walk and talks as often as possible. Now that I have Blake I can’t go to brunch, lunch, or on runs as often. So we do walk and talks and the babies are content. To make the most of the workout I will wear her, and we’ll take in the beautiful views.”

Knitting Together Community

Portland Account Manager Valencia West doesn’t do social media and dislikes talking on the phone, so sticks to text, writing (email and snail mail) or talking in person. “I have a really tight circle of friends and we get together every once and awhile. I also have a community of friends that I meet with monthly to knit together. We worked together previously, and I love it because you get to talk to people and make more friends that way. There are all levels of knitters, so there is always someone to help if you’re getting stuck on a project. We’re all on Ravelry, Facebook for knitters. It’s super dorky, and really cool. We meet up at a cute neighborhood coffee shop and order cups of coffee and tea as big as your head. It’s really relaxing. I’m more of a homebody, so it’s nice to get out and see people.

“The other main way I connect is through running. My best friend and I go running together every couple of weeks to keep in touch. We have trained for races together in the past, but right now both of us are busy with our work. We run to connect and shake it out.”

Making (Skype) Waves

Moving from Toronto to LA challenges Experiential Specialist Michael Genereux to stay connected. “It’s really about how I schedule my time. I usually wake up at 5AM to surf or workout, and then I can Skype or FaceTime my east coast friends before I start my workday.

“The perk of living quite literally on the coast means that everyone wants to come visit, they get a beachside location and a tour guide for free! I’m really grateful that my three closest friends came to visit me in December. Living in a desirable place, that people want to vacation in, makes it a little easier to stay connected.”

How do you stay connected with friends and family, near and far? Share a pic on Instagram of you connecting and tag #BestLifeProject



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