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Powered by Plants: Meet Ashley & Joe

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Powered by Plants: Meet Ashley & Joe


All nine of the Vega athletes heading to Kona this year have an inspiring and unique story. We’d like you to meet Joe Gambles and Ashley Zaccaro, two plant-based triathletes competing in the 2019 Vega IRONMAN World Championship.


Watch the video to learn more about Ashley, Joe, and how their plant-based diet helps power their IRONMAN training.



Ashley Zaccaro /// @ashleyczac
Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Ashley Zaccaro is a plant-based athlete competing in her very first  IRONMAN World Championship. Ashley is a representative of Women for Tri, an organization who works to identify and eliminate barriers that keep more women from entering triathlons. When we asked her what competing in IRONMAN represents for her, she said: “It represents that the harder the struggle, the greater the joy. I feel like life has given me this giant pain tolerance, and triathlon gives it a purpose.”


Joe Gambles /// @joegambles
Plant-based professional triathlete Joe Gambles is an Australian professional triathlete now located in Denver, Colorado. He races ultra and triathlon events and is now preparing to race the 2019 Vega IRONMAN World Championship at Kona. He’s been a long-time Vega user, and when we asked what Vega product he couldn’t live without, he said: “Vega Sport® Premium Protein.  It is my go-to drink after my key workout of the day. I just mix one scoop with cold water, shake, and I know that I’m getting everything I need to help me recover quickly. As a life-long vegetarian, making the transition to purely plant-based wasn’t a huge leap.  Little did I know that cutting dairy and eggs from my diet would have an enormously positive effect on my performance and recovery as a professional Ironman triathlete.”


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