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Thrive in Spring

By Elizabeth Jarrard on March 26, 2014

Thrive in Spring

Now that spring has officially sprung (I’m sure I’m not the only one with the Spring Equinox—ahem March 20th—on my calendar) it’s time to shed off winter layers—of all types. Let’s start this spring by turning over a new leaf—in fitness, nutrition and mental health—to thrive.

Switch up your activity

Before we get into beach body crazy mode, take a step back to revaluate your fitness and activity goals. If you set an intention or S.M.A.R.T. goal for the New Year, what steps have you made to achieve that goal? Does that goal still feel relevant to your life? What is your next step in achieving that goal? Consider adding more variety to your activity to keep motivation high.

Get money smart

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but middle of April also means that taxes are due. (Canadians get a couple extra days over Americans). While looking at finances hurt more than any injury, we can’t fix a problem until we face it head on. This may be the one time I can get behind the saying, “no pain, no gain.” If you’re feeling a little cramped in your budget, consider ways you can make more room—without sacrificing what you truly care about. Maybe this year that means swapping out your gym membership for an at-home exercise routine. Perhaps it’s time to focus on more home-cooked meals. Thank goodness for Thrive Kitchen.

Grow mindfully

As the seasons change, and we continue to grow, it’s very easy to get lost in your brain chatter. Endless streams of to-do lists churn on, and work continues to pile up. Growth is great, and doing it mindfully is even better. Consider adding a short (under 10 minute) meditation practice to your mornings. Instead of thinking this is your only path to enlightenment, view it as an exercise for your brain and begin to tone down the incessant self-talk going on up above. Try apps like HeadSpace or Stop. Breathe. Think and learn more on Thrive Forward.

Try a New Spring Vegetable

I would be remiss if I omitted nutrition from an article about spring. Although farmer’s markets are still sparse, now is a great time to try a new vegetable with a short growing span. Search for garlic shoots, rhubarb, chives, fennel and fiddlehead ferns. Each offers a unique nutritional profile that will help balance your nutrition with the season.

Here’s to thriving this spring!

How do you celebrate spring healthfully?

Elizabeth Jarrard

Elizabeth Jarrard is a registered dietitian in Denver, CO who specializes in medical nutrition therapy and plant-based nutrition. She educates clients and consumers on how to optimize their health through nutrition.
Elizabeth Jarrard