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Supercharge Yourself to Sustain Your Endurance

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Supercharge Yourself to Sustain Your Endurance

Fuel Your Activity Level

You made it to the gym or out the door for your run. Now it’s time to make sure you make the most of your time investment. No matter what level of athlete you consider yourself, you’ll only be able to take it to the next level if you get your mid-workout fueling right. Fueling for a workout or race depends on the type of activity — fueling for a marathon is different from fueling for a CrossFit workout. By accurately assessing the intensity, duration and frequency or the activities you’re doing, you’ll be able to build the best fueling plan for you. The Sport Edition of Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Forward program will guide you through the ins and outs of mid-workout fueling for both strength and endurance athletes — and those who fall somewhere in between.

Answers to how much fuel to consume — and when during training to top up your tank, depending on your activity — are found throughout the Sport Edition lessons. Beyond what’s explained in each video, in-depth articles will help you understand how your mid-workout strategy can help reduce lactic acid and avoid hitting a wall. Recipes for mid-workout hydration drinks, gels and bars allow you to apply these tips and concepts and principles through whole food ingredients. Don’t love creating them yourself in the kitchen? That’s fine! Brendan designed Vega Sport products like Electrolyte Hydrator and Endurance Gel knowing that time and convenience shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on the best fuel for your performance.

Don’t Skip Hydration

Mid-workout hydration is crucial for athletes. You must maintain both water and electrolyte intake to continue to push yourself. Simply replacing sweat you lose with water will increase cramping, without adequately hydrating. Adding electrolytes to your drink replaces the electrolytes and minerals lost in sweat while increasing your muscle efficiency and motor control. Just take it from Jaime Komer, Olympic Silver Medalist in Water Polo and Vega Ambassador: “Proper hydration is key for me. Water isn’t enough, so I always use an Electrolyte Hydrator to support my sweaty endurance.” In the Sport Edition of Brendan’s Thrive Forward program you’ll find recipes for creating your own electrolyte-rich beverage.

Stick to It

According to Hillary Biscay, professional Ironman triathlete and Vega Ambassador, “success is about having the discipline to get out every day and establish a training routine — to make it a habit.” This attitude has taken Hillary to the top of the field at Ironman triathlon, with one championship and 29 Top 5 finishes under her belt. “Going the distance is about mentally committing to get the work done, ahead of time. This way, when it gets hard, you’re all in.” Don’t worry — the Sport Edition of Thrive Forward takes it beyond just fueling your physical body and highlights the mental components of training to help you get your head in the game.

Using mid-workout fuel to your advantage, while keeping mentally focused will help you to push yourself harder and longer during training, so you can elevate your performance to the next level. Want to learn more? Run on over to thriveforward.com and check it out!


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