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Reach Your Athletic Potential

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Reach Your Athletic Potential

Is your true athletic potential being reached? This series has taught you how to prepare, sustain, and recover for peak performance. Fueling and training in ways that optimize each stage of performance is crucial, will allow you to realize your full potential, and from there, to thrive. The gains you see from fitness will help you in many areas of your life. Beyond athletic success, you’ll find that you are able to thrive by using what you gain from fitness to build a greater, fuller life. We asked several Vega Ambassadors what it means for them to thrive, and the response was resounding—they’re excited to share their own experiences and advice with you.

Build a Stronger Body

Vega Ambassador and Thrive Forward guest Hillary Biscay knows what it means to thrive as an endurance athlete. This vegan professional triathlete has shown the world her strength with a 2008 Ironman Wisconsin Championship and many top three finishes under her belt. Properly fueling before, during and after exercise has helped her to thrive at her sport. Hillary firmly believes “to thrive is for the body to do a lot of work and successfully absorb it all to become faster and stronger.” To learn more from Hillary and Brendan about how successful mid-workout fueling strategies that can help you to absorb your hard work, head to Thriveforward.com.

Push Your Limits

“To thrive…is to fully believe in what you’re doing so you can push yourself to the fullest.” Rynan Paguio, a.k.a. “Kid Rainen” helped bring his Jabbawockeez dance crew to fame on America’s Best Dance Crew with the unwavering belief that their hard work would pay off. Hours in the gym, time spent away from home, and physical fatigue to the point of exhaustion can start to wear away at your ability to achieve your goals. But if your belief that you have the ability to succeed is strong, you can stay connected to your motivation, and let your determination help you power through. Many top athletes harness the power of visualization to push themselves further. Tips on how to optimize the mental aspects of training can be found at Thriveforward.com.

Never Stop Growing

The ultimate goal of training is to grow. Who doesn’t want to see new achievements in strength, speed, endurance, or overall fitness? Incremental improvements reinforce an athlete’s determination to succeed. As Jessica Penne, Pro-MMA Fighter and Vega Ambassador believes, “to thrive means to grow. I want to be successful with the goals I have set for myself—no matter how difficult. Reaching and surpassing my goals ensures I am progressing as an athlete.”  Set your goals and achieve them by keeping a close record of the small steps you are taking. Those small steps and achievements will last longer than any colossal leap. If you’re looking for a training journal to help you track all the little things, end your search at thriveforward.com.

Thrive Forward will help you to prepare, sustain, recover and thrive at your pursuits—in fitness and in life. To hear more tips from Vega Ambassadors like Hillary, Jessica and Rynan, point your browser to Thrive Forward.


No matter what better means to you, Vega shares the knowledge, nutrition, and inspiration to support your quest to thrive.