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Meet some inspiring Moms at Vega

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Meet some inspiring Moms at Vega

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate mom (n) defined by you. The person in your life who inspires you, who has always lifted you higher, and who has helped make you who you are today. They are the unsung heroes, the ones who wipe our tears and who provide that deep, all-embracing, safe, warm, calming, endlessly nurturing, kind of love, that runs much deeper and further than the traditional confines of the word ‘mom’. They are our grandmas, mothers-in-law, aunts, neighbors, friends, mentors, sisters, teachers, and caregivers who are there through all the moments—the mundane, the miracles, the mess, and the success and today, we are showing our gratitude and appreciation for all that they do.

We asked four Vegatopian moms to share their stories of support and inspiration through their journey into motherhood.

  1. 1. Bandana, People and Culture Coordinator says, “My mom has continuously inspired me from day one. From learning how to cook, and even applying some parenting techniques and tips that I remember worked so well with my siblings and me, I cannot express fully how much my mom has impacted my life. Instead of giving up, or taking 'no’ as an answer, she has always found a way to persevere and grow through every situation that has come her way and became all the better for it. Through her commitment and love to those around her, she truly lifts everyone up and is a shining light wherever she goes".

    Bandana continues, “motherhood is a wild ride, but it has meant the world to me to be able to do both ‘jobs’ while feeling fully supported all the way. Without the flexibility to drop-off/pick up my child from school, or homeschooling him when that was required, all the way to involving our children at different events throughout the year, and ensuring that our well-being is taken care of through the employer-paid extended health plan. I can be my best self, my whole self, at work.”

  2. 2. Christina, Insides Sales Account Manager says, “My mom is my greatest inspiration. She brings so much happiness and love into my life and always strives to keep positive energy. She taught me that life is too short to dwell on the negatives and to just enjoy life as it comes! She has shown me what it means to be a strong independent woman who can accomplish anything I set my mind to. She lets me make my own mistakes and never gives me grief about it. No matter what, I can always count on her for never-ending support.”
    Christina says, “Vega truly believes in putting their people first and has supported employees with not only flexibility in the workplace but also with flexible time off. This benefit has helped my journey into motherhood allowing me extra time with my daughter. I am grateful that Vega values parenthood and encourages me to live my best life!”

  3. 3. Soriyya, R&I Specialist enjoys poetry and hopes to share her poem with her mom this Sunday. Soriyya writes “You’re a special person in every way in which words cannot express or even say. You are a daughter, wife, mother, aunt. To everyone here...you count. Your love is rare, bright, and fair. Doing everything because you care.”

    Soriyya appreciates the connection she has made with other moms at Vega and feels that building a community has been the key to success. “I have had the opportunity of connecting with other mums at Vega and sharing in the beautiful as well as the challenging moments mums face. Having the “top-up” especially at the beginning of mat leave gives you a little extra security because with so much going on, some of that financial pressure is lifted. I also like reading the updates from the parents’ group in workplace, as it serves as a reminder of life outside of work, but also gives you the ability to connect with others who may have children the same age, going through similar experiences.”

  4. 4. Kate, Customer Service Manager also shares how Vega has supported her journey as a working mom. “Vega has supported me as a mom in so many ways. I took two year-long mat leaves with both of my kids. I always felt like I could take a day off if I needed to be home with my kids and hours have been flexible to accommodate pick up and drop off from daycare. During both pregnancies, I was able to shoot off for appointments as needed and always felt like I wanted to show up at my best because I felt so supported.... I even got promoted while on mat leave! The leaders at Vega have always been incredible and the overall culture of this company values women and motherhood- it has been a gift so that us moms can thrive at home and work.”

    While Sunday brunch at her favorite spot may not be possible during these unprecedented times, there are many other ways to celebrate the mom in your life this Mother's Day. Share your appreciation through a poem, give the gift of quality time through an online workout or surprise them with Breakfast in bed with Vega’s strawberry protein waffles recipe.


Vega has been named one of the best workplaces for women and proudly supports the journey into motherhood. To learn more about the culture at Vega and careers visit www.myvega.ca/careers