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How to Hydrate for Hot Yoga

By Vega on September 19, 2013, categorized in Active Living

How to Hydrate for Hot Yoga

A normal Vinyasa class will leave most people glistening with sweat by the end. Crank the heat up past 90° F and you’ll be practically dripping. Whether it’s Bikram or Power Yoga, more and more people are signing up hot yoga classes. With promises of increased flexibility and strength, who wouldn’t want to get their sweat on in yoga? But as you ramp up your sweat level, it’s important to stay well-hydrated and tune into your body as you push it.

Electrolytes 101

Sweat doesn’t just deplete your water stores, it also pulls minerals, known as electrolytes, from your body. Electrolytes—sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous and chloride—help your body to regulate the flow of nutrients, water and waste in and out of every cell. Losing too much water and electrolytes results in cramps, dizziness, and swelling of hands and feet. Not to mention that electrolytes are essential for muscle contractions, heartbeats, nerve and muscle function, and metabolism of carbs, protein and fats.

When to Hydrate

Although there’s no need to be obsessive, hydration should be something on your mind—whether you’re sitting at your desk, on a bike, or at the dinner table. Hydrating your body for a hot yoga class doesn’t start 20 minutes before you hop into downward facing dog. The water and electrolytes you drank the day in advance matters most. Start every day with a glass of water, sip throughout your day, and have at least one more glass in the evening.

As you actively lose electrolytes, actively replace them with a packet of Electrolyte Hydrator. Don’t be afraid to bring a water bottle into class. Take breaks every 15 minutes to grab a quick gulp.

Immediately after hot yoga, it’s time to fully replenish electrolytes. Grab an ice cold glass of water, drop in a few pieces of frozen fruit, and mix in a pack of Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator. After that, continue to drink low calorie, sugar-free options.

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