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Hey Weekend Splurger!

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Hey Weekend Splurger!

Whether you like it or not, 9 to 5 is a great way to add structure to your eating schedule. You’ve put in hard work Monday through Friday (and done a great job of keeping up with your healthy eating plans to boot), and it’s time to celebrate! Weekends mean more fun — and also more food (and possibly booze). Without the structure of your weekday routine, it’s easy to sub-out early morning workouts, and regular balanced meals with sleeping in and party-tray grazing. Don’t worry — we’re not here to tell you to skip the party (what fun is that?!). Instead, let’s talk about how to party smarter.

Stick in Structure

Brunch, 9 PM dinner dates and late-night munchies with friends are probably not in your standard Monday through Friday schedule. Reign in the wild, wild West, by bringing in some law and order. Don’t go for more than 4 or 5 hours without something to eat — even if that means putting a bar or bag of trail mix in your purse during daylong shopping sprees.

New Party Rule: Don’t Head out on an Empty Stomach

Besides putting you at risk of winding up hangry (moody because you’re hungry), leaving the house for a big party or the bar on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. Not only will you feel tipsy sooner, but it’s so much harder to avoid empty calorie-heavy treats if you’re hungry. Before you leave, shake Vega One with water, or make a Sunset Razz-tini. That way you can choose to splurge — rather than leaving it up to impulse.

Avoid the Appy Trap

Hors d’ouvres or tapas featuring enticing canapés, dips, and bites surround you and you haven’t even made it to dinner yet (and let’s not even think about dessert!) Your hostess won’t be crestfallen if you attack her spread of appetizers smarter. Do a walk-by of all available options. Assess your hunger level, and fill a small plate with what looks the most satisfying. Try to choose at least one vegetable-rich appetizer. Walk away from the appy tray and enjoy good conversation while enjoying your selections. Mindfully assess your hunger before reaching for another plate of savory treats — you may be fine to just wait until dinner.


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