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Get Your Greens On: St Patrick’s Day with Peggy K.

By Peggy Kotsopoulos, RHN on March 14, 2014, categorized in Plant-based Nutrition

Get Your Greens On: St Patrick’s Day with Peggy K.

Author: Peggy K.

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, I challenge you to thrive with more greens and less indulgences! Here are my top tips to add more green to your Irish celebrations this year:

  1. Kickstart your Day with a Green Breakfast

    • Choose savory over sweet! Add leftover veggies from the night before to your breakfast or prepare a steamed veggie dish as your side. Spinach can go unnoticed in your favorite breakfast recipe – from tofu scramble to green smoothie.
  2. Harness the Power of Green Juice

    • Sipping a green juice will you in the spirit – check out Green Envy Juice for a powerful kick which includes a few of my favorite green foods: kale, cilantro, green apples and cucumbers.
  3. Snack on (Kale) Chips

    • Serve up the best Kale Chips at your St. Pattys party for a snack rich in essential vitamins and minerals plus a calcium, potassium and iron boost.
  4. Go Green with Herbs

    • Keep your favorite herbs on hand and add them into any dish for a splash of green – I love the delicate flavor of herbs on top of salads, and added to smoothies or desserts. Check out my Avocado Mint Pudding Parfait – which captures the true love affair between chocolate and mint.
  5. Green Guilt-Free Treat

    • Serve up my guilt-free Shamrock Shake to get in the spirit. Avocados are a healthy fat and contain Vitamin E, which add moisture and shine to hair. Plus, it also contains biotin (vitamin B7) which is the heart and soul of healthy hair. The potassium in the avocado helps to get rid of excess sodium that can cause bloating and water retention, plus it’s high in fiber and healthfats that satisfy your hunger, causing you to eat less. As an added bonus it adds creaminess to your smoothies.

Avocado Mint Chocolate Smoothie

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!