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Fueling SeaWheeze: A weekend of meals from a nutritionist and runner

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Fueling SeaWheeze: A weekend of meals from a nutritionist and runner

Ever wondered what goes on in the kitchen of an endurance runner and nutritionist? Welcome to a weekend on my plate! This weekend was the first in a customized 12-week training plan for my next goal race, the SeaWheeze Half Marathon on August 23rd. My goal time is ambitious, at 1hr 35mins (5 minutes faster than my current PR!). It’s going to require a combination of dedicated training, and fueling for performance.


My weekend starts on Friday night. And since Saturday is going to be a fun trail race for me, I need to pay attention to my fueling. Since Fridays represent a chance to kick back and unwind I wanted easy to digest clean carbohydrates with a protein packed punch that still feels like an indulgence. Enter The Seitanic Stuffer. Yep-it’s a real burger’s name! Adapted from Joni Marie Newman’s recipe book “The Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet”. Seitan is one of my new favorite foods. Over 70% protein, it’s easy and very inexpensive to prepare at home:


I woke up easily, and as is my routine on long run days, drank a large glass of water as soon as I woke up. I’ve learned to get hydrated as soon as I wake up to avoid multiple washroom breaks right before my run.

Breakfast on race day, or before long runs is almost always the same. I have two pieces of sprouted grain or sourdough toast. Both sprouted and fermented dough are easier to digest, and the less energy you spend on digestion, the more you retain for your workout. I have mine with coconut oil, almond butter, and sometimes jam. If my stomach isn’t too nervous I’ll also have a banana.

I made a Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer with warm water (in place of coffee) for the hour drive to the race start. Pre-Workout Energizer has yerba maté and green tea (100mg caffeine) for energy and mental clarity, combined with turmeric and ginger for anti-inflammatory benefits.

After eating a banana to top up my glycogen reserves, I’m ready to rock the course! Mid-race I carry a hydration pack with 1 liter of water with Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator mixed in. I also packed 6 dried dates in a reusable bag in case I needed the energy boost, or I was out on the course longer than I thought.


Within 30 minutes of finishing I drink Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator,, to replenish glycogen and reduce inflammation before my Sunday run.

I’m really glad I had a recovery drink post-run, because it ended up being another 90 minutes before I got back to Vancouver, and met a friend for a late lunch. We met at Matchstick Café in East Vancouver. Aside from amazing coffee, they feature local ingredients, and mostly organic. I had the Veggie Sandwich, on homemade bread with the most amazing nut paté.

Mid-afternoon I make my favorite smoothie: frozen cherries, Chocolate Vega Sport Performance Protein, cacao nibs, ground flaxseed, Vega Maca powder, and Vega Chlorella powder. I blend these ingredients with ice and almond milk.

After a quick trip to our local Whole Foods store I came home with a salad (leafy greens, shredded veggies, diced fennel, and roasted sweet potatoes). For extra protein, I added “Buddha’s Jewels” a tofu/peanut butter combo from the prepared foods section. I make a quick dressing at home with equal parts almond butter and Vega Antioxidant Omega Oil Blend.

Mixed 2oz Gin with ginger kombucha. I relax with a movie and some foam rolling to get ready for tomorrow’s run!


I love overnight oats for breakfast, 90 minutes prior to running. I make mine with goji berries, hemp seeds, coconut flakes and maple syrup. Because the oats have been soaked overnight, and with a splash of apple cider vinegar, they are easier to digest.

Today’s workout was 50 minutes easy run (to and from) a TRX conditioning class at Kondi Fitness. The team at Kondi gives an excellent workout; I have been cross training there for about 6 months, and have definitely improved my fitness.

I had a concentrated “power shot” of Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer (mixed with 3-4oz water) after class, before my 25 minute run home. As I was training for longer than 60 minutes I wanted to restore glycogen to my working muscles versus entering into a catabolic state (breakdown of muscle tissue).

I was craving the texture of food versus a recovery smoothie when I got home, so I dove right in to lunch: leftover seitan burgers with salad, and an olive oil Italian dressing. I garnished the burgers with pesto and sauerkraut. This was a perfect high protein recovery meal, with lots of fresh greens for extra mineral intake.

Happy hour (one of my favorite times of day), was all about the tapas plate. I love making small portions out of whatever I can find in the fridge and pantry. On this plate I had Brazil nuts, sprouted grain toast wedges, hummus with veggies, and strawberries.

Dinner was late on Sunday—takeout with friends. I had a green curry over brown rice, with tofu and extra veggies, plus a cold Vietnamese cucumber salad on the side. This would have been easy to make at home another night when I had a bit more time, but made for a clean, hearty convenient option. That’s what life needs sometimes!

A totally satisfying weekend, full of great eats, and training that felt like playtime!