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How Food Became More than Calories

By Vega on June 23, 2014, categorized in Endurance

How Food Became More than Calories

By Amanda Brooks, Vega Blogger and Blogger at Run to the Finish

When it came to weight loss, as a college student I knew only one thing: “calories in must be less than calories out.” It worked well enough to get me started, but it wasn’t long before I plateaued. Like any good dieter, I increased my workouts and eventually felt exhausted and frustrated by the static number on the scale.

Run to the Finish Amanda BrooksFighting the Weight Loss War

A few years into this weight loss war (it was me versus my body right?), I started running. A mile here and there quickly turned in to a half marathon and the stage was set for a whole new life.

I no longer wanted to fight my body. I wanted to feel strong. I wanted to enjoy each run and to do it for life!

Magazine articles like Drop 10 pounds by Sunday were replaced with Foods that Fight Inflammation. Suddenly I understood that while I could maintain my weight on a diet of pizza, sandwiches and cookies, I’d feel better and run faster by focusing on nutrition.

Not knowing exactly where to start, I set a goal to eat 5 to 7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. It was hard because I was so used to eating packaged foods that I didn’t realize whole foods were convenience foods too.

It was also the first time I stopped thinking of food as the enemy!

Run to the Finish MedalThriving in Life

Around this time I also discovered Thrive and Brendan Brazier introduced me to a few key concepts:

  • High net-gain nutrition:

Eating foods that require less processing from your body, ensuring more energy is available for daily activities. Processed foods require your body to work extra hard because it can’t figure out what to do with olestra, is that a carb, a fat, a protein?

  • Food intolerance:

We hear a lot about peanut allergies being deadly for some, but not much about the idea of food intolerances. Many people have developed sensitivities to foods that are now being overused in packaged foods. Removing these foods decreases inflammation in the body.

  • Addressing Fatigue:

Runners are often type A personalities, constantly chasing the next goal. This usually leaves little time for rest and recovery. When combined with the mentality of “I burned a ton of calories so I can eat what I want,” this can lead to an overall feeling of sluggishness, decreasing athletic performance, digestive issues and mood swings.

Instantly, I knew all three of these applied to me and I was ready to start thinking like an athlete and not a person trying to lose weight!

The Vega Sport line provided exactly what I needed to fuel my body for both optimal performance and optimal health.

Learn more about how I use Vega Sport products during marathon training in my pre and post-run routine.

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