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#AskVega FAQ: I hate the taste of stevia; can you make more products without it?

By Sarah Wilson, RHN on March 18, 2018, categorized in Acai Berry, Blueberry Oat, CHL05000, CHL05001, CHL05002, CHL15000, CHL15001, CHL15002, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Coconut Almond, Crispy Mint Chocolate, Crunchy Peanut Butter, MAC01000, MAC01001, MAC06000, MAC06001, MAC06002, MAC06003, MAC11000, MAC11001, MAC16000, MAC16001, MAC16002, MAC16003, Plain Unsweetened, Plant-based Nutrition, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Lemonade, VEG00473, VEG00475, VEG00483, VEG00492, VEG00537, VEG00612, VEG00643, VEG00737, VEG00738, VEG00740, VEG00741, VEG00742, VEG00744, VEG00832, VEG00834, VEG00837, VEG00839, VEG02001, VEG08066, VEG08067, VEG08075, VEG08076, VEG08077, VEG08080, VEG08081, VEG08082, VEG08083, VEG08084, VEG08087, VEG08088, VEG08089, VEG08090, VEG08091, VEG08092, VEG10516, VEG10643, VEG10832, VEG10834, VEG10837, VEG10839, VEG18066, VEG18067, VEG18075, VEG18076, VEG18077, VEG18080, VEG18081, VEG18082, VEG18083, VEG18084, VEG18087, VEG18088, VEG18089, VEG18090, VEG18091, VEG18092, VEG33522, VEG33527, VEG33532, Vega 20g Protein Bar, Vega Chlorella, Vega Maca, Vega Maca Chocolate, Vega Omega Oil Blend, Vega One All-in-One Shake, Vega One Organic All-in-One Shake, vega protein & greens, Vega Protein Smoothie, Vega Sport Premium Energizer, Vega Sport Protein Bar

#AskVega FAQ: I hate the taste of stevia; can you make more products without it?

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Vegan protein powder without stevia

Q: “I don’t like stevia. Will I like Vega?

A: Thanks for reaching out with your thoughts on stevia. Customer feedback fuels everything we do.

We choose stevia because we think it’s the best available no calorie sweetener. But we know it’s not for everyone so based on feedback from Vega fans like you we’re happy to announce that we now offer Plain Unsweetened Vega One® Organic (Unsweetened Natural Vega One® All-in-One Shake in Canada), Vega® Protein & Greens and Vega® Protein Smoothie, which are all stevia-free.

If you’re particularly sensitive to the taste of stevia, some other flavors of our smoothie products have less stevia than others. We recommend checking out:

If you’re looking for a Vega® product without stevia, try these:

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


Sarah Wilson, RHN

Sarah is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and works at Vega as a Product Specialist. Sarah educates from experience! Drawing on her retail leadership in the natural health industry, her own nutrition consulting, and a personal passion, she equips audiences with tools and inspiration to feel their absolute best from the inside, out. Specializing in sports and fitness recommendations, Sarah is active as a runner, playing soccer or enjoying the Rocky Mountains on her snowboard.
Sarah Wilson, RHN