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Earth Day Sale

By Vega on April 22, 2016, categorized in Plant-based Nutrition

Earth Day Sale

Eat More Plants, Plant More Trees.

In celebration of Earth Day, April 22th, 2016, every order on the Vega Webstore  will not only have  22% off, but we’ll plant a tree.

Sale Details:

  • Start: 4/21/16 12:00AM PST. End: 4/25/16/ 5PM PST
  • 22% off + 1 Tree planted per order
  • Regular Priced Products discounted automatically when added to cart
  • Cannot be combined with other promotions
  • Free gifts not available

We’ve partnered with Plant-It 2020 to plant trees in the United States and Canada. These tree seedlings are planted in rural and forested locations to help:

  • Provide sound buffers for large urban areas
  • Reduce flooding by intercepting rainfall
  • Clean the air by removing dust, particulates, absorbs ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and other pollutants
  • Remove carbon dioxide. Trees act as a carbon-sink by removing the carbon from CO2 and storing it as cellulose in the trunk while releasing oxygen back into the air.  Trees can absorb carbon dioxide at the rate of 26 pounds per year
  • Prevent or reduce soil erosion
  • Prevent or reduce water pollution
  • Provide wildlife habitats

Learn more about Sustainability at Vega here.


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