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Celebrating Bike Month at Vega

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Celebrating Bike Month at Vega

Lately, you’ve been hearing bells ringing, seeing people with mussed hair, and noticing more and more spandex being worn unabashedly in public places? Are you missing a new fad? Well, possibly, but there’s a simpler explanation for all of this: it’s Bike Month! So, tune up your two-wheeled steed and join in.

Bike Month (May 17-23rd in the US and May 31-June 6th in Canada), is an annual event which encourages commuters to use their bike as an alternative mode of transportation to work.  As most individuals are working from home during these unprecedented times, we are encouraging our community and teams at Vega to break away from their home office to explore a nearby trail or new route to a local coffee shop. Not only can it benefit your health, but you will also be supporting the environment by reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion.

To celebrate Bike Month, we asked 4 Vegatopians to share what they enjoy about biking and some of their favorite bike routes within Canada and the US. 

Cory, eCommerce Specialist and an avid cyclist has used his bike to commute for over 11 years. Cory says, “I love the freedom of traveling on your own. Plus, you don’t need to wait for a bus, train, or tram, and you don’t have to pay for gas, insurance, or parking as you would if traveling by car. Being a local in Vancouver, Cory adds, “Living in the Vancouver area, my favorite route by far is the Seymour Demonstration Forest located in North Vancouver, BC. You’re surrounded by the forest on a fun undulating road up to a beautiful lookout. I also love cycling on the River Road in Richmond, and over the Alex Fraser bridge as there are some amazing views to be seen.”

Trinity, Strategic Account Manager in California has been biking since childhood and has a bike for every occasion. Trinity says, “It depends on my mood which kind of adventure I’m looking for. Trails offer safety from cars; the road is fun when you are rolling with the momentum of the route and I also love hopping on a bike to socialize with friends.” Trinity adds that she enjoys the sense of community which biking has offered. “I joined a women’s race team and my teammates have motivated me to try new challenges and I always have a buddy to ride with. I highly suggest finding a team/club or your local bike shop that offers community events.” Living in Sacramento, CA Trinity’s favorite road route is the American River Bike Trail. She adds, “We are so fortunate that we can ride along the river without cars for 60+ miles! I also love being able to leave my house and find gravel roads for miles along the Delta. The best local route is out to West Sacramento and back.”

Judy, Shopper Marketing Manager enjoys the adventure and freedom which biking offers. Judy mentions, “Biking is about getting to create my adventure and that feeling of freedom, requiring nothing but just me and my bike. It’s exciting to see the kilometers you can travel, the new places you can discover, the breathtaking views you take in, and the small details you might otherwise not notice.” Judy’s move from Toronto to Vancouver ignited her passion for Mountain biking. Judy says, “Recently, I’ve fallen hard for mountain biking (figuratively and literally). I ride a full-suspension Scott Genius which has been a pure joy. I love being out on the mountains at every chance I get, whether it’s hiking or snowboarding – so getting to shred down on two wheels has been an added dose of dopamine. Learning to push my boundaries to get over mental and physical challenges on the trails has also been so rewarding, and sometimes painful, but incredibly fun!” Judy’s favorite trail for Mountain Biking is Bobsled at Mount Fromme. Judy adds, “It’s a single-track trail with a range of jumps, drops, and bermed corners, enjoyable for all levels from beginner to advanced.”

Dan, National Sales Strategy Manager has always been an avid runner and adventure seeker, but due to an injury, he started biking which is when his passion for the sport grew. Dan says, “Some of my happiest memories are cruising around on my city single-speed with friends in the summer heading to a brewery.” Dan also enjoys the connection he feels while on his bike. He adds, “The feeling of the air rushing by as you bike through town, and how connected you can feel to your surroundings as you get from A to B is like no other. I also love the reward of flying downhill as fast as you can after having pedaled your way up a climb.” Living in Vancouver, BC close to the mountains, Dan enjoys the thrill of climbing up Cypress but also enjoys the plethora of casual bike routes the city has to offer. Smiling, Dan adds, “It’s a cliché, but you haven’t biked in Vancouver unless you’ve biked around the seawall. Stanley Park is great, but I love the hustle and bustle of the False Creek seawall when I’m just looking to cruise – there’s always something interesting to see. The best way to do this is relaxed, with friends, and a brewery destination in mind for some hydration.”  


Although most of our commutes are now just a short walk to another room in our house, we encourage you to get outside and ride during Bike Month – whether you’re riding for pleasure, exercise, or replacing your commute. Biking helps relieve stress, can build and tone muscles, and will allow you to breathe more fresh air while squeezing in more sunshine (and vitamin D!) into your day.

All Vegatopians (employees at Vega) have access to annual fitness subsidies to support an active lifestyle. Vega offers daily (virtual) fitness classes, quarterly Vega products, and continued education and training to nurture the mind and body. To learn more about Vega’s culture and career opportunities within, visit www.myvega.ca/careers or www.myvega.com/careers.





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