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Best Lifers: Eat

By Jamieson McCormack on August 14, 2015, categorized in Inspiration

Best Lifers: Eat

Best Lifer. Definition: One who lives every day better than the one before. A seizer of opportunity, love, happiness and adventure. In short, a Best Lifer kicks major butt and isn’t afraid to break things, get messy and live happily. Every. Darn. Day.

As the Digital Engagement Coordinator here at Vega, I have the opportunity to stay on the pulse of our entire online community and the many rad ways they’re living their best lives. This exposure has inspired me to run faster, eat brighter and seriously smile more!

There are quite a few folk who know what’s up in the kitchen and have left me wishing for a future where taste-o-gram is a thing. Here’s what five of them have to say about what it means to live their best life:

Tori @NutritionUnlocked

“Living my Best Life is about living a life of balance. It’s about finding the things you are passionate about doing that nourish your mind, body, and soul. A big part of that for me is eating nutritious foods to power an active lifestyle, and of course creating delicious recipes with healthy ingredients!”

Best Life Eats

Viola @thesunshineeatery

“My inspiration comes from various cuisines, being born Chinese but growing up in Europe. There are also a few fantastic fellow foodies on Instagram or food blogs that inspire me on a daily basis. Living your best life to me is the awareness of how to be good to myself and my body through the nourishing foods I eat and to take control over my health and quality of life.”

I live my best life with a mantra of ‘small steps… huge hope’. I have hopes of achieving some pretty big things but am happy taking relatively small waves to get there. So far it seems to work!”

SAMSUNG CSC Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Gillian @ missus_smiffy

I live my best life with a mantra of ‘small steps… huge hope’. I have hopes of achieving some pretty big things but am happy taking relatively small waves to get there. So far it seems to work!”

@missus_smiffy option 1


Zoé @maca.damia

“I’m passionate about food and especially fascinated by its power. My grandma always said to take care of your body and she will take care of you. The way I now feel thanks to my plant-based lifestyle is something I wish everyone could experience, and I hope to inspire others as much as I’ve been

@maca.damia option 1

Ali @insyncherbivore

“To me living my best life means continuing to learn and grow. If you embrace change with an open mind and love in your heart, every day becomes a new chance to become a better version of yourself. It keeps life exciting! Push yourself to play and play often.”


Hungry for more? Follow these best life bad... well, you know... and get inspired! In the meantime, I’ve got some serious kitchen hours to clock. These rad peeps just stepped up my eats standards!

Psst.. don’t forget to share with me how you’re living your best life by tagging your photos with #BestLifeProject. My FOMO will be unavoidable, so hit me hard with all the wonders of your amazing life!

Jamieson McCormack

Jamieson Eileen is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist here in the Greater Vancouver Area. She has followed a vegan lifestyle for over 4 years and is passionate about plant-based living! No matter where you are starting from or how far you want to go, she knows everyone is capable of guiding their health towards the life they want! In her spare time, Jamieson performs on a local Vancouver comedy improv team, Off Key Improv. You may also spot her running mountain trails or taking bites of food larger than she can actually handle. Follow along with her and all her antics on Twitter or Instagram: @JamiesonEileen
Jamieson McCormack

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