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So Much More Than Salads: A Nutritionist’s Guilty Pleasures

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So Much More Than Salads: A Nutritionist’s Guilty Pleasures

Healthy doesn’t mean boring bland salads, or mind-numbing workouts you hate. Health is about finding something that gets you super pumped and excited about your overall wellness. I’m a holistic nutritionist that loves taking the ordinary, and making it kick a$$!  It’s time to get creative, step outside the box, and discover your own way to thrive. My mission is to help you find that path.  

Yes, I’m a nutritionist, and yes, I eat kale, chard, and beets. I also drink only the finest kombucha, matcha green tea, and lemon water. I’m healthy and active, and I love to post my latest recipe creations and outdoorsy adventures on Instagram. However, there’s a whole other side to me that you might never see (and yes, I may get flak from some health enthusiasts). And yes, I do believe this side of me is just as healthy as the rest. This is the side of me that likes to live on the nutritional wild side, and today, I’m going to share with you...the secret life of a nutritionist.

I’m a firm believer of the 80/20 rule. You eat a healthy balanced diet rich in plants 80% of the time, and the other 20% is reserved for the “whatever the heck I feel like.” So what exactly does a nutritionist indulge on? Well I’m going to share with you my top three guilty pleasures... that aren’t really that “bad.”

Red Red Wine

I’m not going to lie, I might be sipping on a glass of this antioxidant-rich adult beverage as I’m writing you this newsletter. I also believe that this drink could have benefits on my overall health. Red wine is high in resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant which has the potential to support anti-aging, cardiovascular health and inflammation management.1 Now that’s something to cheers to. Obviously in moderation. And what do I consider moderation? Well, if I choose to drink red wine, I’ll limit myself to one glass... maybe two.

Who Doesn’t Like Chocolate?

I grew up with a serious passion for milk chocolate; it was one of my most favorite treats. As I grew older and I started to shift to a diet more rich in whole foods, my taste buds started to change, and as did my love for milk chocolate. This is where I found my new love for dark chocolate, and when I say dark, I mean the darker the better. I like at least a good 80% dark chocolate. This is a treat I can really stand behind, especially when it has potential to support a reduction in blood pressure2 as well as being rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are great for protection of free radicals, cellular repair and rejuvenation.

I’ll Never Forget About Fats

I used to steer clear of high fat foods, because I thought they weren’t good for me and would cause me to gain weight. Well now I’ve learned better. And I make sure healthy fats are included in my diet every single day. Our bodies need healthy fats for so many functions; healthy cell development, brain function, joint lubrication, hormone support and so much more. So why would I want to continue to starve my body of this essential macronutrient?  I don’t, and now I enjoy my high fat foods in all sorts of delicious ways. And since I’m disclosing my guilty pleasures, I might as well share with you two of my favorite high (healthy) fat guilty pleasures: Chocolate Avocado Pudding and Vegan Mac ‘n Cheese. Enough said.

Now that I’ve disclosed my favorite guilty, yet not so guilty, pleasures what are yours? Share yours by snapping a picture on Instagram and tagging #BestLifeProject

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