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Bridgette's Best: I Got It from My Momma. 5 Easy Ways to Treat Yourself Right

By Bridgette Clare, RHN on July 14, 2015

Bridgette's Best: I Got It from My Momma.  5 Easy Ways to Treat Yourself Right

Who doesn’t love lists? What if I served you delicious, bite-sized morsels of information on topics ranging from natural skin care to healthy eating and even fun ways to stay active?  As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), and Certified Raw Foods Chef, experimenting in the kitchen, sharing new recipes and easy wellness tips is what I’m all about!  

Who’s your role model? Mine has been, and always will be my Mom. She taught everything from how to tie my shoes, to how to make a mean crêpe, to the reasons why touching an electric fence wasn’t a good idea (I grew up on a farm – what can I say?). But the most important lessons she taught me were about how to treat myself right.  In light of International Self-Care Day on July 24th I’d love to share some of what I learned. Here’s what she taught me:

1. Pamper Yourself

This includes not touching electric fences, trust me, they ’ll shock you and it will hurt. Take some time for yourself and do something every day that makes your heart sing. Yes, self-care is what you do for yourself every day. No, brushing your teeth (while appreciated) doesn’t really count. It’s something that makes you love yourself, your body and how you how feel. Maybe it’s a nice, hot bath at the end of the day where you get to unplug and take a deep, warming, calming breath in. Maybe its meditation, taking 1, 5 or 10 minutes every morning to tap into your inner yogi. It could as simple as grabbing moisturizer, adding a drop of your favorite aromatherapy scent and giving yourself a foot massage. Who doesn’t love a good foot massage, am I right?

2. Work It

While not my Mom’s first choice of words, it’s the thought that counts. Get moving. Get your blood flowing and your heart pumping–even something short can be effective. Bonus points if it gets you outside so you can breathe in some fresh air.

What can you do to get moving? Take the stairs. Sure, you’ve heard this one before. That’s because it’s simple, effective and something you can start right now. Here’s the kicker—take the stairs even when you don’t want to. Say you’re carrying groceries home, they’re heavy and the urge to take the elevator, just this time, is real. Take the stairs. Work on the 15th floor? Take the stairs, pretend the elevator doesn’t exist. If you’re already a stair master (cheesy pun intended) and looking for easy moves you can add into your, day check out these three functional workout moves you can do pretty much anywhere. Self-care is all about all the little things you for yourself every day so tie up your shoes and get to working it.

3. Eat Well

This is something you can do for yourself not once but many times every day. Eating well can include crêpes and will mean something different to everyone. What I’m talking about here isn’t specific foods but rather eating foods that make you feel good. Foods that make you feel energized, alive and good about how you look. Every time you eat you have the chance to show yourself some love.

Check in with yourself and ask if what you’re eating will make you feel good. I don’t mean good right now and terrible in 15 minutes, but good now AND good long after you’re done. If what you’re eating doesn’t give you that, then put it down and opt for something else. If you don’t know how it will make you feel then eat it, enjoy it then check in on how you feel later. Take your meal time self-check-in one step further by practicing mindful eating.

4. Catch Your ZZZs

I’m pretty sure the term “early to bed, early to rise” was coined by my Mom*. Growing up on a farm everything started early but in order to be productive with that early start time it was always balanced with an early bedtime. Getting enough sleep, for you, is important for your overall health and wellness and will help you feel energized and ready to take on the day. Looking for easy ways to catch some ZZZs and wake up energized? Check out my top tips wake up energized here and for more tips for a better sleep check out this post.

But the most the important self-care lesson she taught me was...

5. Get Out of the Mirror, and Into the World

This is something my Mom used to say to me when I was a teenager and it stuck with me. Take it to mean whatever you like, but for me it’s all about getting out of your head and getting on with living your fab life. Don’t wait for “the right time” or for “when ___ (fill in the blank with whatever is keeping you from caring for yourself — when my kids grow up, when I finish this project at work, when I loose five pounds, etc)” to take good care of yourself. Start now. You may be surprised to find how easy it is to treat yourself right and good you can feel by doing it.

How do you treat yourself right on the daily? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

*Actually attributed to Benjamin Franklin